👖D is for Denim 👖

It can be hard to find new ways to update or reinvent your wardrobe, but by sprucing up last year’s denim you can create the ultimate cool-girl denim DIY with just a stencil and fabric ink. These DIY denim pants are a perfect addition to any collection. Pair them with a solid shirt, flats or converse, and a red lip for a cute and effortless look. You can go beyond stars and stripes, think outside the box! Jungle print? Floral designs? Why not? Click on each of the images below to find your very own DIY denim inspiration

opener-vprado-refinery29-diy-7163-stencil(via Refinery29)

Park-and-Cube_Denim-Painting-DIY_16    (image via Studs & Pearls)
(via Park & Cube)                                       (via Studs & Pearls)

(image via Tattered & Taylored)      
(via Tattered & Taylored)                                           (via HobbyCraft)

Show us your denim designs on Facebook or comment below!

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