Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Woman!

This past Wednesday was Women’s Equality Day, marking the day women were given the right to vote here in the United States. Alone, a woman is powerful. Together, we are unstoppable!


#GirlPower by Penny Ward

I love this sentiment paired with boot steps and a doily stencil. Tough and soft at the same time.  Who in your life could use a card like this?…read more


Girl Power! by Roni Johnson

Here’s a salute to all the women I know…and that goes for you!  We don’t take credit for all the super things we do on a day to day basis…(read more)



Eat Up!

PicMonkey Collage 

Bon Appetit by Roni Johnson 

I was looking for a fun gift to give my Mom for her newly renovated kitchen and when I saw this little French Bulldog bank I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Covered in quotes from the Queen of French cuisine – Julia Child! He’s a perfect little watch dog over her sleek new cooking space… read more


PicMonkey Collage2

DIY Place Mats by Heike Linnek

Are you hungry yet? Heike’s latest project has our stomachs grumbling! read more


Color, Color & More Color! 🌈


Sweet Swirls by Penny Ward

I have discovered you can watercolor with almost any medium. Today I am using irRESISTible Pico’s. This is such a fun image to color and with the Pico’s, you can give the gumballs a little something extra… read more

summer_b_wm                                     2015_june_mc_summer_finalwm1

Summer Fun by Isha Gupta _______________ Summer Party Style by Maureen Cronin



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Mix & Match!

Mix & Match Letter Action CardMix & Match Letter Action Card by Heike Linnek

This card works like a sudoku puzzle. It comes along with several letters and embellishment. Because of using Tack’n’Peel, everything adheres non-permanent on the surface, so you can spend a lot of funny time combining it and trying to find out how many words, phrases and designs are possible to create. Hubby had a lot of fun with the possibilities… read more

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#LinksWeLike Wednesday!

Our lead educator, John Creighton Petersen, teamed up with the Scrapbook Expo to bring you a useful Tip of the Day!

Expensive taste on a DIY budget – must try DIYs for the chicest person you know

Making a fun, quick & easy abstract card background

Creative Medium Iridescent helping treasure those sweet memories

Is it too early for Christmas?

Let’s Party!!

Check out this blitsy BRAND NEW how-to video

On the Road Again!

Create Your Own Summer Travel Journal by Renee Zarate

Summer usually signals a break in our normal routines, be it a long vacation stay or perhaps just a few interesting day trips here and there. Either way it is an opportunity for us to make some memories and preserve them in a handmade travel journal… read more

 2015_june_mc_travel_finalwm1 Postcards from the Road by Maureen Cronin

Remember the days when we drove around with Thomas Guides in our cars? Big books of maps that not only helped you navigate the area but you had to learn how to navigate the book! Today the maps are likely outdated but quite useful for all sorts of projects…read more

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