Learn How to Decorate Your Own Holiday Ornaments

by Steph Ackerman

Learn How to Decorate Your Own Holiday Ornaments

As we get closer to the holidays, it’s always fun to do handmade projects or get the kids involved with decorating the Christmas tree. This year, why not create Christmas ornaments for friends and family members. All you need are a set of glass ornaments and a selection of amazing colors of StazOn Studio Glaze to complete this project.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour + drying time


Step 1

Remove the hanger from each ornament and put aside. Holding the ornament with 2 fingers, start by creating a zig-zag pattern using StazOn Studio Glaze in Gold.

Step 2

Add dots of color using StazOn Studio Glaze in St. Valentine, Silver, and Orange Zest. Continue adding dots of color around the ornament.

Step 3

Place another ornament on a dowel or craft stick and add StazOn Studio Glaze in St. Valentine, Emerald City, and Orange Zest in random patterns. Use a finger to mix the colors together creating a swirly pattern.

Step 4

Add rings of color on another ornament and mix them together creating another swirly pattern.

Step 5

Continue painting the ornaments with Studio Glaze until you have decorated all the ornaments you need.

Step 6

Using the RInea 3D Hyacinth die set, die cut assorted colors of Rinea Foils. Add Tear It Tape to the bottom edge of the die.

Step 7

Put the hanger back in each ornament. Remove the backing from the Tear It Tape, then wrap the foil around the ornament top.

Step 8

Use a craft pick to curl the foil strips and continue decorating as you wish.




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