Learn How to Craft Your Own Wooden Jewelry

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Learn How to Craft Your Own Wooden Jewelry

Wood is one of my favorite materials in crafts and when it is needed I try to find ways to make it part of projects and look at it from a different points of view. Having canvas wooden wedges around for some time, I decided to color them with Walnut Ink and make pieces of jewelry. The canvas wedges are covered Iridescent Creative Medium and decorated with heat embossed stamps. It is easy to craft and is also a nice way of upcycling.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Cut two of the four wedges 1/4 inch to make the earrings.

Step 2

Color the wedges with the Walnut Ink in Willow.

Step 3

Cover all sides with Creative Medium Chartreuse.

Step 4

Having a rubber with no cling sheet, I used the Tack N Peel to set and work with the stamp.

Step 5

Stamp the design and heat emboss using VersaMark and Imagine black embossing powder. Make sure to stamp both sides on the wedges to be used as earrings.

Step 6

Center and attach small screws to the top of the wood pieces and continue to embellish with metallic beads. Attach earring hooks, and a chain.


  • Canvas wooden wedges
  • Heat gun
  • Soft paint brush
  • Rubber stamp
  • Beads
  • Pliers

Learn How to Make Faux Wood Grain With Creative Medium

by Roni Johnson

Learn How to Make Faux Wood Grain With Creative Medium on cardstock by Roni Johnson

I’m always on the look-out for vintage rubber stamps or painting tools because you never know when you’ll find a gem just waiting to be used again. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I found a whole set of vintage faux wood graining tools! I knew right away that I had to have them. As luck “wood” have it, they came in handy for this month’s technique challenge…wood. You don’t have to go in search of vintage wood grain tools as there are many types available at home improvement stores in the paint or faux finish section.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 15 minutes + dry time


Use a palette knife to spread a thin layer of Vintage Creative Medium over the surface of the paper.
Step 1

Use a palette knife to spread a thin layer of Vintage Creative Medium over the surface of the paper. As you can see it doesn’t have to be perfect, just so most of the paper is covered. You’ll want to work fast as the Creative Medium tends to dry fairly quickly.

Step 2

Simply pull the graining tools across the wet Creative Medium to create the faux wood grain. Rocking graining tools should be pulled and rocked across the wet medium in a single fluid motion. The speed at which you drag and rock will give you an infinite variety of wood grains. Once you have created the pattern you desire then set aside to dry.

Step 3

Now that you have completed the wood grain, immediately wash the excess Creative Medium from the tools.

See this quick YouTube video below for visual guide on the rocking process.

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  • Faux Wood Grain Tools
  • Cardstock


Watch a Video on How to Create a Little Gift Box

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

Watch a Video on How to Create a Little Gift Box by Jennifer Vanderbeek.

Faux Bois means false wood and is commonly employed to make something that’s not wood (or something made of a lesser quality wood) look more high-class. I decided to see if I could achieve a similar effect by layering carefully placed stamps and mediums onto cardstock. The result was a pretty good imitation of a lacquered trinket box—perfect for gift giving or miniature applications!

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  • Craft paper
  • Sizzix – Gift Box die
  • Die cut machine
  • Joy Clair – Wood Background stamp
  • Acrylic Block
  • Heat tool
  • Woodgrain stencil
  • Helmar – Quick Dry 450 adhesive
  • Purse findings

Get these Fabulous Must Have Holiday Craft Supplies Today

Get these Fabulous Must Have Craft Supplies Today Imagine Crafts Tsukineko

It’s October! We can’t believe 2017 has flown by so fast! It is already that time of year when the holiday buzz is in full swing! We hope you are gearing up for a fantastic season and to help you along we asked our Artists in Residence to recommend their favorite holiday crafting supplies from Imagine and Tsukineko. Check out what they have to say!

Nadine Carlier and Renee Zarate's Pick for the Holidays is Amplify! White

Nadine Carlier & Renee Zarate’s Pick for the Holidays is Amplify! in White

Nadine says, “It’s a must have to create snow. When it “puffs” up it looks just like snow. Perfect to flock stamped trees, to create snowy hills, make snowmen ⛄️ or just about anything snowy.” 😊

Renee says, “This time of year makes me think of snow so my seasonal pick would be Radiant Neon Amplify in White. Many children have vacation days or snow days coming up, the Amplify products are so much fun to apply and watch puff up. Now is the time for parents to stock up on snow day products with kids in mind.”

Martha's Pick for the Holidays is VersaFine Satin Red

Martha’s Pick for the Holidays is VersaFine Satin Red

“The most vibrant color for Christmas and is perfect for embossing.”

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou's Pick for the Holidays is Vertigo Sheets

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou’s Pick for the Holidays is Vertigo Sheets

“Until now, it was plastic, not fantastic…but the Vertigo sheets made me like plastic on crafts! Plus, they are versatile to use on various projects!”

Mischelle's Pick for the Holidays is Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz!

Mischelle’s Pick for the Holidays is Sparkle Sheer Shimmer!

“It’s the bow on top of the package. The finishing touch.”

Jennifer Vanderbeek's Pick for the Holidays is Metallic Creative Medium

Jennifer Vanderbeek’s Pick for the Holidays is Metallic Creative Medium

“Add shimmer and dimension to cards, tags, and presents, too!”

Roni Johnson and Alison Heikkila's Pick for the Holidays is Delicata

Roni Johnson & Alison Heikkila’s Pick for the Holidays is Delicata

Roni says, “I love the deep rich colors combined with the delicate shimmer that each offers. They are just perfect for the holidays no matter which one(s) you celebrate!”

Alison says, “There are no better shimmery inks out there. You can ink the edges of your cards so beautifully and simply, to get a regal look. The refills can give you fun splashes and splatters of color plus shine and shimmer.”

Elina Strömberg's Pick for the Holidays is Embossing Powder

Elina Strömberg’s Pick for the Holidays is Embossing Powder

“Will be used on every Christmas card I’ll make.”

Neva Elyn Cole's Pick for the Holidays is StazOn

Neva Elyn Cole’s Pick for the Holidays is StazOn

“These are wonderful inks to decorate ornaments and other home decor items for the holidays. You can create keepsakes for your family and friends that will be treasured for years!”

Jowilna Nolte's Pick for the Holidays is On Point Glue

Jowilna Nolte’s Pick for the Holidays is On Point Glue

“I can sprinkle it with red, green, clear, gold and silver glitter turning it into the most versatile item for festive details. I can add shimmer to all kinds of projects, glue them and add colour! My most favorite adhesive and multipurpose item.”
And for employee picks ~

Amanda Harryman's Pick for the Holidays is Irresistibles Pico Shimmer

Amanda Harryman’s Pick for the Holidays is Irresistible Pico Embellisher in Shimmer

“I added a touch of Shimmer irRESISTible to most of my Christmas cards last year because I love the little shimmery glossy touch. Even if it is a small element in the layout, it adds a super fun little touch of texture and shine.”

Marcie McCabe’s Pick for the Holidays is Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray

“I love the random patterns of color and shimmer that Fireworks offers. You can go crazy with a deep saturation of color and shimmer.”


Thank you for checking out our product guide! For more information on the products visit the Imagine Learn page for product features.







Make Plans for the Perfect Christmas Card

by Elina Stromberg

Snowflakes are always a safe choice for Christmas cards Shapphire Blue.

Busy Christmas card season is soon here! I envy those efficient crafters who start making their Christmas cards early enough, so that they can create beautiful, diverse card designs for each receiver. I usually start too late, and in order to complete the task on time I must choose only one or two designs that are easy and quick to do even in larger quantities. However, simple does not mean that the cards need be boring, quite the contrary! A wow-factor must be included, and even if time may be running short, I still take time to carefully plan the card design.

Each year I make a few extra cards that I keep to myself. I want to keep record of the card designs I have used, as my cards must never be replicates of the previous years’ designs. Making a couple of test rounds before starting the actual card making project has proven to be a wise choice, too. Whenever I want to come up with a new and fresh design idea, I like to start with making several samples. For me that’s the only way to see what works and what doesn’t. This is especially true when including new media, new color combinations, new supplies or new techniques. A few pieces of scrap paper keep this endeavor an inexpensive choice for testing! I’ll switch to higher quality card bases when I’m ready to go into production.

This year my Christmas cards will most probably have a snowflake background; snowflakes are always a safe choice for Christmas cards. For my sample pieces, I sprayed two sheets of white mixed media cardstock with blue Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray. Those shimmering cold blue colors gave just the icy look and feel I needed! I mixed the colors with water, dried with my heat gun, and cut the sheets into smaller sample pieces. I even punched one sheet with a tag punch and a set of gift tags was made on the same go.

For sample #1, I applied Metallic Silver Creative Medium through a snowflake stencil. On sample #2, I stamped different small snowflakes with Sapphire Blue Delicata ink and for sample #3, I used the same snowflake stencil with the Sapphire Delicata ink and a Stipple Brush.

I continued testing on punched gift tags: #4 is heat embossed with white embossing powder, and #5 with silver.

For tags #6 and #7,  I used the previous techniques once again, as I wanted to see how they work on small backgrounds.

For tags #8 and #9,  I die-cut snowflakes from glitter paper and glued them down with On Point Glue. #8 is misted with Original GooseBumps Texture Spray, and #9 outlined with ‘Wedding Dress’ white irRESISTible texture spray.

Now the only tricky part is to choose which pattern or texture to use for my Christmas cards. As much I liked the stamped and die-cut images, I think I will go for the stenciled Metallic Silver Creative Medium. The shimmering silver just looks so cool on the shimmering, icy blue background!

From here building a card design that could be both time-friendly and very personalized will be easy and fun! Enjoy!


  • Mixed media paper
  • Water mister
  • 13Arts Studio – Snowflake stencil
  • Snowflake stamps
  • Scissors
  • Tag punch



Christmas Planning with a Fun Blackboard Menu

by Neva Cole

Blackboard Menus are popular at many eating establishments, so I decided to make one of my own for Christmas parties that I hold in my home during the holiday season

Blackboard menus are popular at many eating establishments, so I decided to make one of my own for Christmas parties that I hold in my home during the holiday season. I host at least one party every year, and may even get in on the neighborhood progressive dinner this year! Creative Medium, a little glitter and two stencils quickly made this menu board very festive! The Creative Medium will hold fine particle embellishments like glitter or beads. The Iridescent Green Creative Medium shows up fabulously on the black background, and the Gold Creative Medium adds a touch of metallic elegance. The menu is written in colored Crayola chalk that was sharpened with a child’s large pencil sharpener.

This fun and easy project is a great way to enhance any party! Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!


  • Sierra Pacific Crafts – 12” x 12” Chalkboard Tile
  • Stencil Girl –Three Trees stencil
  • C-Thru Stencils – 3/4” Swash Bold Italic alpha stencil
  • Art Institute Ultra Fine Glitter – Christmas Red
  • Crayola Chalk
  • Pencil sharpener for large pencils