Follow Your Heart in Blue Shimmer

by Elina Stromberg

Elina Stromberg creates a lovely Follow Your Heart artwork using Fireworks and On Point Glue.

The new On Point Glue has quickly become my must-have crafting adhesive. The super fine tip allows me to have nice control of the glue, making it the perfect choice for attaching detailed die-cuts, beads, seeds or sequins on my projects. However, On Point Glue can be used in many other creative ways too. This time I made an art piece using On Point Glue for color-resisting on my project.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour + drying time



Step 1

Print the text on watercolor or mixed media paper using a light font color. Cover the letters with On Point Glue and let dry. Note that the font color you choose will be visible on your finished project as the glue will dry clear.



Spray the text with one or several Fireworks! colors. Let dry or dry with a heat gun. 
Once dry splash water on the paper. Water will re-activate the sprayed ink creating lighter splash marks within the color.


Step 3

Use a baby wipe to gently remove the excess color from the glue-covered words. 
Shadow the letters by tracing them on one side with a black marker (optional). Cut to size and frame. This technique is a fun way to post your favorite quote or inspiring sentiment.


  • White mixed media or watercolor paper
  • Black marker (permanent)
  • Black picture frame
  • Heat gun






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