Create a Colorful and Easy No Sew Summer Tote

by Roni Johnson

Create a Colorful and Easy No Sew Summer Tote. All-Purpose Ink used to dye a fabric project.

Who doesn’t love the beach during the summer? Here’s a project that is easy, fun and inexpensive to make perfect to take along on your trips to the beach. It starts off with a t-shirt which will be upcycled to a roomy, no-sew tote bag.

Begin by trimming off the arms and neck of the t-shirt. Wad it up and saturate it with water. Spread out the shirt on a protected (or glass) work surface. Use a Doodlestix to flick yellow, gold, and green All-Purpose Inks onto the wet t-shirt. Since Imagine’s color of the month is Pineapple, I decided to go with green on top third and yellow and gold on the bottom two thirds of the shirt. Gather the shirt up and squeeze the ink through the wet t-shirt. It will create a tie-dyed effect. Add additional ink until you’re satisfied with the color or pattern. Let the shirt dry naturally, then be sure to iron both sides of the t-shirt to set the inks permanently (very important). Finish off the tote by cutting the bottom of the t-shirt into strips then knot. Your brand upcycled new tote bag is ready to use!


  • T-shirt
  • Scissors

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