Project Swap: Inspire with Herringbone Art

Project Swap: Inspire with Herringbone Art

Welcome to another set for our Artist Project Swap with Nadine and Roni. For the Month of May, we challenged our artists to exchange tutorials and create each other’s designs in order to see how each of our artists interprets style and choices. The receiving artist did not know who designed the project, nor did they receive any images! In today’s post, Roni gives the directions and recommended supplies list and Nadine created the project.

Inked Herringbone Background by Nadine Carlier

Herringbone Background by Nadine Carlier

I absolutely loved swapping projects with Roni Johnson! This project was not something I would have ever thought of making on my own but I really enjoyed making it. I didn’t have all the exact same products that she used but was able to improvise with no problem. Besides, I prefer not to copy something exactly and put my own twist on it.

I made a video showing how I created my project. Watch it below!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour



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Original Design by Roni Johnson