Do Something Fun! Create Fingerprint Memory Tree

by Roni Johnson

Since my boys are older now I have missed crafting with them but with ages also brings grandchildren so I was ecstatic when we were asked to create a project that we could make crafting with kids. As a mom with adult boys I realize now how quickly those childhood years pass and you really should capture them while you can. With Christmas just around the corner I thought it would be nice if Cole and I could make something memorable for his parents to capture this fleeting moment in time…hence our fingerprint memory tree.


Step 1

Trim a piece of watercolor paper to the desired size.

Step 2

Rough in a pencil sketch of the tree trunk so you know what areas to fill in with fingerprints.

Step 3

Pull out desired colors of Memento DewDrops and let the fun begin!

I’m not going to kid you…taking pictures of this and corralling a 2 year old AND the ink pads was no easy task! So, I hope you’ll understand the sporadic photos of our crafting time. I simply opened up a bunch of DewDrops and let him go. At first ,Cole was unsure about getting inky but after our first color he was having lots of fun. It was so funny; he wanted to share the colors his fingers were turning with me and my camera. After we were done adding fingerprints, I filled in the trunk of the tree with additional ink and texture using the Doodle Stix. The ground was rubbed with a few colors of green and I added some “grass” using the tips of the DewDrops. I wrote his name and age for posterity’s sake. The print was then trimmed and framed. I did manage to get him slowed down enough after we were finished for probably my favorite photo of our craft time….aren’t these precious little inky hands adorable? Of course I may be a bit partial but it makes my heart swell with love.

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  • Watercolor Cardstock
  • Picture frame


*Memento is a water-based acid free dye ink that has not been tested for use by children. Memento Ink may temporarily stain skin.


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