Create a Beautiful Marbled Effect with Waffle Flower Stamps

by Roni Johnson

Create a Beautiful Marbled Effect with Waffle Flower Stamps

Red Sangria…brings to mind a deep rich red with swirls of light and dark from the various fruits floating in its depths. When I found out that’s what the color of the month was for August I instantly knew I wanted to try to re-create that luscious color kaleidoscope. I think that this faux marble technique is just the ticket. In this project, I have created Artist Trading Coins and a holiday or Christmas card. This inky marbled paper background can be used in multiple papercraft projects.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30-60 minutes + Dry Time


Step 1

For this technique to work you must use bristol cardstock. Regular cardstock will soak up the ink too fast and won’t create the depth and texture needed for this technique to be a success. Add a few drops of Rose Pink All Purpose Ink into a mini squeeze bottle with a microtip. Add one drop of Ink Potion No.9 solution to the bottle. Give it a quick shake to mix it up.

Step 2

Apply several drops of the mixture onto a piece of bristol cardstock; smoosh the ink around with an acrylic stamping block and let dry.

Step 3

Add one or two drops of Thistle All-Purpose Ink to the existing mix and give it a shake to integrate the new color.

Step 4

Sprinkle several dots of the current mixture over the cardstock and smoosh it with the block; allow inks to dry.

Step 5

Next, add 2 drops of Red Delicious All-Purpose Ink to the mix and shake.

Step 6

Sprinkle dots of the mix over the cardstock; smoosh and let dry.

Step 7

Continue to add 2 drops of Poppy Red All-Purpose Ink; mix, sprinkle & smoosh. Then add 2 drops of Wisteria All-Purpose Ink, mix, sprinkle & smoosh. Each layer of ink you add will create more and more depth of color and “texture”. Finally, add one drop of Real Black All-Purpose Ink to the remaining ink mixture and sprinkle just a few drops over the piece; smoosh with the acrylic block and let dry.

Step 8

Arrange marble stamps on a stamping press and ink with Golden Glitz Delicata Ink. Close the press and stamp the inked panel. Repeat as necessary to get a good image.

Step 9

Reposition the inked panel and stamp until the entire panel has been stamped with the marble texture stamps. You will be left with a beautiful deep rich red sangria marbled cardstock ready to spice up any project.

Once you have created this beautiful inky backdrop then get creative on collage themes like this in the photo above. I cut out the image of a woman and the word “queen” to make this piece.

For this holiday card, I have used the inky paper to create two panels that open in a double door style card.


  • Bristol Cardstock
  • Acrylic Block
  • Waffle Flower – Layering Marble Stamp Set
  • Joy Clair – Rustic Christmas, Rustic Sentiments
  • Cardstock – Black, White
  • Southern Blackberry Design – collage images
  • Queen’s Dresser Drawers – Collage images
  • Dymo Label Maker
  • Mica
  • Vintage Ephemera
  • Misti Stamping Tool

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