Make a Peacock Feather Design with All-Purpose Inks

by Jowilna Nolte

Make a Peacock Feather Design with All-Purpose Inks

The month of March celebrates the beautiful color in Peacock Feathers and with so many ink choices in just the perfect colors, it was hard to choose what to create. But in the end, my love for watercolors and the stunning effects won and I created this art journal page using All-Purpose Inks.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes


StepĀ 1

Color a sheet of watercolor paper. Paint a layer of water on top and then drop All-Purpose Ink onto the paper to let it mix and flow. Mist with more water to activate and promote flow. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Die-cut a peacock feather using a Silhouette machine. Paint with a layer of gesso and then add color using peacock color shades of All-Purpose Inks and a paint brush.

Step 3

Once the feather is dry, use On Point Glue to adhere the feather to the watercolor paper piece.

Step 4

To add shading and interest, add some grey and brown ink to your craft mat and mist with water, then paint in shadows. Use a graphite pencil for shading even more and adding details.

Step 5

Add some additional stamping and a quote as desired. Then adhere the page into your art journal or frame it as a home decor piece.


  • Silhouette die machine
  • Peacock Feather metal die
  • Smooth white cardstock
  • Graphite pencil
  • Watercolor paper