Roni Saves The Day…. Again!

That’s a Nice Sentiment

by Roni Johnson


Do you like my pretty thank you card? So do I- but it isn’t exactly how I planned it! Do you ever create a beautiful card only to screw it up at the last minute when you stamp on the sentiment? I made this faux watercolor card, and thought it would look pretty if the script was flowing across the stems of the flowers…


Little did I realize that the “Y” would get lost among the stems! Rather than scrap the entire card I pulled out a piece of vellum and my StazOn inkpad to the rescue.


Use a piece of vellum that is 1” wider than the card panel that you need to fix. This will create ½” tabs on either side of the vellum sentiment strip which will be used to mount the “Sentiment Fix” to the panel. Tear or cut the vellum strip and set aside.


For this to work, we need a card mat. In this case I sponged Celestial Copper Delicata Ink along the edge of a panel ¼” larger than the image panel.


And to add a little pop, I edged the image panel with Dark Brown Shimmer Delicata ink.


Apply a dab of glue to the ½” tabs on either side of the sentiment strip. Do not apply any glue to the rest of the strip. Position the vellum strip over the offending stamping mistake; wrap and adhere the glued tabs to the back of the panel. By doing so the vellum strip will be lifted just enough off of the card panel to a) hide the stamping mishap and b) highlight the sentiment in a very pleasing fashion! Attach to your mat and base and voilà, the card is saved!


  • – cardstock, rubber stamps, vellum
  • Adhesive



8 thoughts on “Roni Saves The Day…. Again!

  1. I like the card and thanks for a great save this is one I can use, I also like that you didn’t outline your bases in Ranger browns – since I don’t care for brown I have a hard time using it for that purpose. Thanks for the share.

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