Place Card & Silverware Holder All-in-one

Turkey Feathers!

by Roni Johnson

Handmade place card and silverware holder all-in-one perfect for a Thanksgiving meal by Roni Johnson.

It’s time to start thinking about your table setting for the holidays. Here is a rustic yet elegant idea that incorporates both kraft paper and metallics with a few monoprint feathers thrown in to wow your guests. Mini Gelli Arts monoprinting plates paired with Memento Luxe inks make monoprinting a breeze. The small compact size lends itself well to quick and easy printing for any occasions. All you need is a mini Gelli Arts plate, a selection of Memento Luxe Inks, a few stencils and some papers to print on and you’re set to go.


nov_2016_rj_placesetting_step1 nov_2016_rj_placesetting_step2

Step 1

Affix the Gelli Arts plate to an acrylic block; apply desired color of ink to the plate. Place stencil over the paper and stamp the gelli plate over the stencil. The ink will transfer through the stencil onto the paper. TIP: stamp off the design left on the gelli plate onto a second piece of paper for a reverse image to use in this or another project.

nov_2016_rj_placesetting_step3 nov_2016_rj_placesetting_step4

Step 2

Ink the gelli plate with a different color of ink and repeat stamping through a different stencil building layers of colors and designs as you go. Continue inking the plate and stamping through the stencils until you have enough monoprints to cut the desired number of feather die-cuts.

nov_2016_rj_placesetting_step5 nov_2016_rj_placesetting_step5b

Step 3

Cut the monoprints with feather dies.


Step 4

Ink the edges of the feathers using Dark Brown Shimmer Delicata Ink.


Step 5

Use Rich Cocoa Dual Tip Marker to draw in a center vein on each of your feathers.


Step 6

Spray with a layer of Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz for a bit of twinkle.


Step 7

Use stylus and molding tools to add dimension to each feather.


Step 8

Fold a simple pocket big enough to fit a set of silverware from plain kraft paper.


Step 9

Spray with both Bronze and Gold irRESISTible Texture Spray and let dry.


Step 10

Write out name for the place setting on kraft cardstock. Center and die-cut name card, and a larger die print paper. Ink the edges of both die-cuts using Delicata Dark Brown Shimmer ink.


Step 11

Stamp fancy scrolls in each corner of the name tag using the same ink.


Step 12

Assemble the layers of die-cuts and feathers finishing it off with a twine bow.


Step 13

You may choose to affix the name card directly to the kraft pocket or first wrap a piece of vintage ephemera around the pocket such as this piece of vintage ledger paper as I did. Fold and insert linen or paper napkin and insert silverware.


  • Gelli Arts – Mini Hexagon printing plate
  • Cardstock – white, kraft, prints of choice
  • Spellbinders – label dies, etched feather dies
  • The Crafters Workshop – Stencils
  • Kraft butcher paper
  • Twine
  • Adhesive
  • Stylus or molding tool








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