Make a Fun Summertime Watermelon Slice Mason Jar


By Roni Johnson

It’s finally beginning to look like summer! To welcome in the season I have a fun project to add cheer to your picnics, BBQ’s or anywhere you are going to gather. A multi-use Watermelon Slice Mason Jar – it can be used as a vase for fresh flowers, a handy organizer to hold forks, knives and spoons or even a fun lantern for late-night get together. It will add a fun fruity element no matter how you choose to use it.

Skill: Beginner

Time: 35 minutes + Dry Time



Step 1

Wash and dry the mason jar.

Step 2

Tape off a diagonal design using painters tape as shown.



Step 3

Draw a zigzag vertical line using the Cotton White StazOn Studio Glaze leaving ¾” – 1” between lines and let dry.



Step 4

Apply one or more layers of Cactus Green StazOn Studio Glaze over the taped off section of the jar. For the example I applied one layer over the entire area and a second layer between the zigzag stripes to create the dark and light green stripes found on a real watermelon.

Step 5

Remove the painters tape. You may need to use an exacto knife on stubborn areas of the tape.






Step 6

Use Cotton White StazOn Studio Glaze to create a ½” wide border around the edge of the green watermelon rind.




Step 7

Draw watermelon seeds over the remainder of the jar using Jet Black Studio Glaze and let them dry completely.



Step 8

Apply St Valentine’s StazOn Studio Glaze to the upper portion of the jar covering the watermelon seeds as you go. Let this layer dry completely.




Step 9

Finish off the project by adding a bow around the neck of the jar.




Art Supplies:

  • Mason Jar
  • Jute Twine
  • Battery Operated Tea Light