Purple Embossed Skull Earrings

By Alison Heikkila

Alison Heikkila embosses Sheet Metal and creates earrings. purple, yellow, beads, skull, diy, jewelry.
I love texture. I love feeling the different tactile things have, especially in art. The use of dimensional objects in art always intrigues me. I like taking things that are flat and have no texture and altering them in a way to give it life. Today, I have a pair of earrings that I created using Imagine’s SHEET Metal, and you’ll get to see how to take the small, flat square and make it into something fun and personal.

Skill: Intermediate

Time: 20 minutes + drying time



Step 1

I went through the Sampler Pack of Sheet Metal, as well as my embossing folders and I chose a skull with wings to go on the square pieces.


Step 2

Remove the blue coating on the Sheet Metal and position the piece in the embossing folder. Tape the Sheet Metal down with washi tape to secure it.


Step 3

Run the folder and sheet metal through the Sizzix Big Shot machine, using the multi-purpose platform with both tabs open. Repeat for the second earring.


Step 4

Apply Royal Purple StazOn ink to the Sheet metal. You can do this 2 ways. Please see photos above to decide which is best for you. The 1st photo is a “cleaner” application. Both work very well.


Step 5

Once you’ve applied Royal Purple to both pieces, apply a layer of GlazOn. GlazOn will prevent new applications of StazOn from dissolving the previous ones. In other words, it acts as a sealant.


Step 6

After the GlazOn is dry, apply a light amount of Spiced Chai StazOn to the raised surfaces of the SHEET Metal and edges.


Step 7

Now you can play with beads! I chose beads that had varying shapes and textures, to add more interest to the earrings.


Step 8

Using 2 sets of pliers (round nose and a needle nose) open a jump ring sideways. Don’t pull the jump ring apart like a mouth. Instead, swing the ends side to side. This puts less stress on the metal and it is less likely to break. Loop an eye pin and one of the squares on the jump ring, and carefully close it back up.


Step 9

Add your beads to the eye pin and create a loop at the top. Open a second jump ring, add the ear wire and the completed eye pin of beads. Close the jump ring up. Now you’ve got a fun, and a surprisingly lightweight pair of earrings to show off!



  • Cuttlebug – Haunted Damask Border Embossing Folder
  • Sizzix – Big Shot Machine
  • Fire Mountain Gems – Ear Wires, Jump Rings, Eye Pins, Branch Beads
  • Beads of choice






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