Create Your Own Holographic Vertigo Film for Cardmaking Crafts

by Roni Johnson

Create Your Own Holographic Vertigo Film for Cardmaking Crafts

Holographic … as a color? Yep, that’s what May’s color of the month is at Imagine. I must admit at first I was thrilled. I LOVE the wide spectrum of color, the swirly design, and the amazing depth it gives a project. After the jubilation wore off I was stumped! Short of going out and buying some holographic paper, how do I create this look on my own? Well, I took this as a challenge and I set to experimenting.

Let me tell you experimentation is not a pretty process…lots and LOTS of trial and error but it is very fun! As luck would have it I found the perfect recipe for making my very own holographic colored technique and I’d like to share it with you.

Skill: Advanced
Time: 1 hour + dry time


Step 1

Cut a piece of Vertigo film to the desired size. I am using a 4.25 x 5.5” for my examples.

Step 2

Begin applying ribbons of color using a variety of StazOn inks and a sponge dauber. I must warn you that the Vertigo film has a texture to it that may or may not tear up your sponge daubers. If you are a bit heavy handed as I am the film does tend to chew on the dauber. It’s o.k. though, I keep a set of the daubers set aside just for this purpose.

Step 3

Continue to add color until the entire piece of Vertigo film has been covered. You will be left with a very colorful sheet of Vertigo film.

Step 4

Freshen up or apply a brand new coat of the ink/glue your Essential Glue Pad.

Step 5

Pounce the Glue Pad over a background stamp.

Step 6

Position the inked piece of Vertigo film over the inked stamp. Lightly rub the back of the Vertigo to ensure complete coverage.

Step 7

Carefully place silver leafing flakes over the inked film. I find that a soft bristle brush helps to push the leafing flakes around where needed. Let the glue dry completely. I usually leave it undisturbed for 2-4 hours.

Step 8

After the glue has dried use a soft bristle brush to remove the excess leafing flakes. Save the excess leafing flakes for future use. And here’s how this example looks after removing the excess leafing flakes.

Step 9

Time to apply a layer of StazOn Pigment ink over the panel. Choose a color that will compliment the overall design and apply it over both the exposed Vertigo film and the leafing flakes.

Step 10

You will be left with an amazing design that has all of the wonderful aspects of holographic colors.

Step 11

The same panel from another angle reveals the beauty of the StazOn ink colors hidden beneath the leafing flakes. It will shine and shimmer from every angle.

Step 12

What can you do with the holographic design? Virtually anything! You are only limited by your imagination. The card above is assembled with a unicorn stamp and the “you are magical” sentiment.

This is another example made using the same technique with a different selection of colors. The card above is assembled with a mermaid stamp and the “The hardest part of moving forward is not looking back” sentiment.


Unicorn Example

  • Hero Arts – Unicorn Stamp and Cut
  • Black Widow Colored Pencils
  • White Cardstock

Mermaid Example

  • Unity Stamp Co – She Mermaid (mermaid), Mystical Mermaid (sentiment)
  • Black Widow Colored Pencils
  • White Cardstock

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