Learn to Scrapbook Mother’s Day Memories

by Lori Warren

Learn to Scrapbook Mother's Day Memories
Scrapbooking is a great way to craft and upcycle your memory keeping. The last memory I wanted to save is of Mother’s Day, so I decided to create this keepsake using a vintage book cover, walnut ink, and Fireworks Shimmery Sprays. It’s not your traditional scrapbook page, but is a great piece to see at home and treasure the memory!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Start with a cover from a vintage book.

Step 2

Adhere vintage book and music print as well as a vintage lace to cover.

Step 3

Spray with Walnut Ink, blot and dry.

Step 4

Spray with Dandelion Fireworks, blot and dry.

Step 5

Repeat with Bamboo Leaves Fireworks.

Step 6

Print a small photo.

Step 7

Color paper flowers with Fireworks in Dandelion and Bamboo Leaves and dry.

Step 8

Wrap sheer ribbon around the top of the book cover.

Step 9

Adhere paper flowers to the book cover, and mounted photo.

Step 10

Cover photo and spray with Sparkle, Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray.

Step 11

Type up a personal sentiment.

Step 12

Adhere typed sentiment to cover.


  • Paper Clay shapes
  • Vintage book print & music sheets
  • Vintage book cover
  • Recollections paper flowers
  • Sheer ribbon

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