Join Us for the Joy Clair Blog Hop Day 2


Thanks so much for stopping and be sure to leave comments (one per blog) for the second day hopping so you can be entered to win a one of two $25 Joy Clair Stamps Gift Cards or one of two $25 Gift Cards from Imagine!!! Winners will be announced on the Joy Clair and Imagine Blogs at the end of the month.

Joy Clair Blog

Imagine Blog

Martha Lucia Gomez

Donna Idlet

Alison Heikkila

Lindsay Andreon

Roni Johnson

Steph Ackerman

Jessica Litman

Lori Kobular

Renee Zarate


25 thoughts on “Join Us for the Joy Clair Blog Hop Day 2

  1. Thanks for being a part of the hop. I have enjoyed learning about your products and definitely have a wish list.

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