Create a Sweet Charm Butterfly Motion Card

by Neva Cole

Create a Sweet Charm Butterfly Motion Card

The challenge for August was to create motion and what better way to have motion in a card than to create a mechanical pull-tab card with a Vertigo butterfly charm? Making mechanical pop-up and cards with motion is one of my favorite things to do. The directions are organized to allow for the various dry times and maximize your crafting time to work on other steps during the process, but do check the pieces before proceeding to avoid smearing your project. These cards are so fun to create and bring so much joy to the recipient.

Skill: Advanced
Time: 90 minutes + dry time


Creative Medium in a thin layer with a palette knifeApply various weights of glitter to Creative Medium
Step 1

Trim a heavy weight cardstock to 5” x 6 ½”, this will fit a standard 6 Bar envelope. Strathmore Bristol Board 100-pound weight is used throughout this project. Position stencil and apply Creative Medium in a thin layer with a palette knife. Apply various weights of glitter to Creative Medium and set aside to dry. The Creative Medium will hold all kinds of fun embellishments in place.

Fabrico Markers in Pea Pod, Bubble Gum, and WisteriaMemento Luxe Lilac Posies and an Ink Blusher
Step 2

Die cut mechanical parts of the Hanging Charm Pull Tab card: one base, two pull tabs, and two frames. Before cutting one frame apply Xyron permanent adhesive to the cardstock for later assembly. Die cut one butterfly charm from Taffeta Vertigo. Color butterfly charm with Fabrico Markers in Pea Pod, Bubble Gum, and Wisteria. Ink base mechanism with Memento Luxe Lilac Posies and an Ink Blusher. Ink one pull tab with butterfly stencil and Memento Luxe Lilac Posies. Ink both frames fronts with Memento Luxe Pear Tart and an Ink Blusher. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for opposite edge of the base and set aside to dry.

Step 3

Trim corners of butterfly pull tab, cutting off the tabs. This will now fit over the second pull tag perfectly when assembled.

Step 4

Trim a section of Taffeta Vertigo to 3 ¼” x 4 ½”. This will be the base for the mechanism. Gently place Tear It Tape on recycled plastic bag packaging and trim in half lengthwise. Tear It Tape is placed on the mechanism where shown, both long edges closest to the outside to allow the tabs to move along the track and behind the notched opening for the pull tab. Center and apply to the Vertigo base.

Step 5

Apply Tear It Tape to open end of the mechanism. There is a slight indentation to train the fold. Place tag with tabs through the notch and tuck tabs under mechanism. Center in the slot and adhere mechanism to the tag. This tag was spritzed with Fireworks in Pear Tart.

Step 6

Spritz card base with Fireworks! in Pear Tart and set aside to dry. Use metallic craft thread to fashion a hanger for the butterfly charm.

Step 7

Tie a knot in the metallic thread just above the edge of the frame. Lift the Xyron permanent adhesive liner and center thread. Center second frame over the adhesive and slowly remove liner to adhere the two sides of the frame together.

Step 8

Trim Tear It Tape lengthwise to fit the small sections on the front of the mechanism. Place it between the two folds. Adhere frame with butterfly charm. Pull mechanism into full upright position with tag fully extended out the back of the mechanism. Apply Tear It Tape around the edges. Adhere butterfly tag over the base pull tag. A small section should extend past the bottom tag. Apply Tear It tape around the three edges of the Vertigo base opposite the mechanism. Don’t put tape on the fourth edge as it will show when the tag is in upright position.

Open mechanism and stamp sentiment in StazOn ink. Royal Purple

Open mechanism and stamp sentiment in StazOn ink. Royal Purple is used here with a sentiment from Joy Clair’s Butterfly Kisses stamp set. Adhere Vertigo and mechanism to card base. Punch a hole in the top of the pull tag and thread decorative fibers through the hole and loop to hold in place.

And whew! You have finished a motion card! It is a lot of work but well worth it and once you make a couple of projects like this then it becomes easier! Enjoy!


  • Strathmore – Bristol Board 100 pound
  • Recollections – Glass Glitter
  • Glitter – Pastel
  • Elizabeth Craft Designs—1104 Hanging Charm Pull Tab die, S022 Butterflies & Stars stencil
  • Joy Clair – Butterfly Kisses
  • Fiber scraps


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