Make Your Fall Leaves Projects with Vertigo and Embossing Powder

Make Your Fall Leaves Projects with Vertigo and Embossing Powder

Vertigo Sun Catchers by Neva Cole

What a fun challenge this month, a children’s craft project. Vertigo Leaf Sun Catchers are a fun way to spend some quality time with the child in your life. Simply place a leaf under a Vertigo Sheet and trace with a complementary color Fabrico pen. Younger children can make simpler leaf shapes which are easy to cut out with scissors and older children who are more competent with scissors can complete the more complex maple leaf shapes. After the leaves are cut out, StazOn inks can be added with ink blushers. I would recommend gloves to keep fingers from becoming too inky! Additional veins can be traces with Fabrico Pens. Apply a few glue dots and adhere to your window for eye catching fall décor!


  • Leaf
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots


Gold Gilded Greenery by Mischelle Smith

Gold Gilded Greenery by Mischelle Smith

The theme at Imagine this month is ‘Heartfelt’. Heartfelt is the perfect word to sum up the Thanksgiving table that is lovingly prepared every November. No matter which family member hosts Thanksgiving – we all love the opportunity to thoughtfully welcome our guests. Our kid filled families mean that our décor often reflects kid friendly projects created by and with our kids. This is one of those projects. Send the kids out to gather leaves and let the fun begin!

Collect enough leaves to work into a decor piece. Apply VersaMark to leaves by using inkpad directly on leaves. Add Embossing powder in Gold. Heat gently with heat tool. As soon as the polymers melt then they will secure to the leaf. Add to any home decor piece such as name tags, garlands or wreaths.


  • Leaves

Learn New Tips and Tricks with Fabrico Markers

by Roni Johnson

Fabrico Markers are a great product to keep in your color and crafting toolbox. They are superb for coloring on fabrics and other dense surfaces like wood or canvas. Available in 35 colors which can be used separately or blended together to create amazing depth of color. This dual tip water-based pigment ink marker has a bullet tip that allows you to write, draw or trace text and images; and a brush tip that allows you to color larger portions of a project.

Today I am going to share a couple of unique ways I use Fabrico markers. Check it out!


Line images are fun but sometimes you want something more than just a single color from an inkpad. This is where Fabrico markers can really help breathe life into an image.

Color your stamp with several marker colors. It’s easy to get into the details of the image and the markers won’t damage your red rubber or clear stamps. Simply apply color, press onto fabric, cardstock or wood. This technique gives you a lot of control in how the image will turn out. You could also go back in and fill in the outline to get a no-line coloring look too!


Stamp various images onto a piece of plain fabric using VersaMark ink, add embossing powder and heat to melt. Use the Fabrico Markers to color and highlight the designs. Fabrico is water-based pigment ink so it will not adhere to polymer surfaces. It does not spread or bleed into the fabric like a dye ink would. The areas where the embossed images will stay the color of the fabric and exposed areas will absorb the ink at a mild rate. You can repeat the emboss technique to lock a color down and continue to color with different Fabrico colors. In no time you’ll have a work of art on your hands. Because embossing powder will melt with heat – this technique is not recommended for fabric that is meant to be laundered. I adhered mine to a card base to look like a miniature canvas piece.

Watercolor Fun

Bet you didn’t know that you can watercolor on fabric with Fabrico! This seems like a tricky idea since you are working with fabrics that are potentially going to be laundered. It’s easy to assume that adding water to the ink will make it lose its permanence, but it won’t. Fabrico is water-based and yet permanent on fabric once dry. Once it dries, the color is set, so be sure to work somewhat faster than you would on watercolor paper. For this apple I simply started by coloring the image with the markers directly with a few different shades of red, apple green and yellow. Working quickly while the ink is still wet, take a water brush and pull the colors where you want them. Don’t forget that adding water makes the pigment a bit more mobile, so bleeding along with blending should be expected. Once you are happy with the design then let dry. Once dry, it is best to heat set if the fabric piece you are working on is meant to be laundered. Just use the iron settings recommended for the fabric.

The colors stay vibrant even after they have been watered down and create such a cool dye effect. Doesn’t it look like a watercolor background you would see on paper?

Hope you enjoyed this quick review of what you can do with Fabrico markers. If you enjoyed this post, then please share or comment below!



  • Cotton, Natural Muslin, Linen Fabrics
  • Fabric Editions – Fabric Elements – FE Specimens FQ
  • – Apple, Aster
  • Just For Fun Rubber Stamps – Mason Jar, Paint Brushes



See How to Create a Wood Sign for Autumn

Happy Fall Y’all Wooden Sign by Tenia Nelson

Tenia here from Jazzy Paper Designs with a colorful fall leaves project using wood, die cuts and of course made with Imagine products.

I started by adding ink to the edges of a wood hanging sign using a Memento Peanut Brittle DewDrop. This color is a beautiful wood grain complement. Next, I hand-lettered the word “fall” onto wood sign using three different Fabrico Markers in a rich color scheme. I like the dense quality of the Fabrico markers for using with wood. To give this sign a little shimmer and color, I added Fireworks Craft Spray in Desert Sand and Rich Cocoa. From here, you can create a sentiment or just leave the word “Fall” as is. I choose to create the sentiment, “Happy Fall Y’all” to make it fun and light. Choose a leaf die cut with an autumn feel. Cut out the fall leaf and decorate as you see fit. Adhere leaf to sign and add any additional embellishments.


  • Cardstock
  • Dymo Label Maker
  • Letter Stickers
  • Wood Sign
  • Enamel Dots
  • Adhesive



Decorating Wood with All-Purpose Ink by Neva Cole

I chose to create a new wooden sign to celebrate the coming of autumn. In the process, I discovered that All-Purpose Ink is a great stain for a porous wood surface! A leaf stencil supplies the design, a fun tall and skinny alphabet stamp and StazOn ink makes quick work of a darling home décor sign. For what it is worth, remember that two-sided signs allow you to have a practice run at color choices and placement of images; when it is hanging by your door no one will be the wiser! With a few supplies, you can try your hand at creating a something new for your home.

Place stencil over wood sign and ink with All-Purpose ink. Place InkBlusher over the opening of the bottle and gently tip to add ink. Apply the API through the stencil. I always start with the lightest color first, in this case, Lemon Yellow.

Apply different colors like Tangerine through the stencil. The API will still be slightly wet and will blend nicely. The project can be set aside to dry or the process can be sped up with a heat tool. Move stencil and add additional colors to the scheme like Red Delicious. You can also use a palette or Craft Mat and API to create new blends of fall colors. Determine placement and stamp sentiment with StazOn ink, I used Blazing Red. Set aside to dry. Not being satisfied, I decided a bit of color around the edges would finish off the rustic look of the sign, Autumn Leaf API was a perfect choice. Now, I have a new sign to hang at my front door for the autumn season!


  • Plaid — Leaf Stencil
  • Art Warehouse — Tall and Skinny Alphabet
  • Sierra Pacific Crafts wood sign


Learn How to Make a Gorgeous Pocket Letter

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

One of the best things is to walk out to the mailbox and find something fun instead of the bills and junk mail. It’s also fun to be the one to send those fun things, and pocket letters are a great mix of card making, scrapbooking, and good, old-fashioned letter writing. The new Rose Gold and Champagne Delicata inks look amazing against textured navy cardstock I used for some of the pockets and are so juicy and shimmery that it’s tough to imagine a project that can’t be improved with them!





  • 9-Pocket Page
  • Cardstock – Navy, White
  • Studio Calico – Make a Wish stamp set
  • Acrylic blocks
  • Washi tape
  • Star Punchinella
  • Mambi – Create 365 Rose Gold Stickers
  • Scissors

Learn How to Personalize a Moleskine Notebook

Can you ever have too many notebooks? I think not! I love to add more to my collection (and even get around to using them sometimes) but sometimes the best quality notebooks fly under the decorative radar. This gives them all kinds of great potential on the outside, just like the blank pages are inside. For the Moleskine notebook, I’ve used Fabrico and All-Purpose inks to decorate it with some cute monkeys, designating this notebook for future cute and cheeky thoughts!


  • Moleskine notebook
  • My Favorite Things – Cheeky Monkey stamp set
  • Acrylic block
  • White gel pen

Create a Sweet Charm Butterfly Motion Card

by Neva Cole

Create a Sweet Charm Butterfly Motion Card

The challenge for August was to create motion and what better way to have motion in a card than to create a mechanical pull-tab card with a Vertigo butterfly charm? Making mechanical pop-up and cards with motion is one of my favorite things to do. The directions are organized to allow for the various dry times and maximize your crafting time to work on other steps during the process, but do check the pieces before proceeding to avoid smearing your project. These cards are so fun to create and bring so much joy to the recipient.

Skill: Advanced
Time: 90 minutes + dry time


Creative Medium in a thin layer with a palette knifeApply various weights of glitter to Creative Medium
Step 1

Trim a heavy weight cardstock to 5” x 6 ½”, this will fit a standard 6 Bar envelope. Strathmore Bristol Board 100-pound weight is used throughout this project. Position stencil and apply Creative Medium in a thin layer with a palette knife. Apply various weights of glitter to Creative Medium and set aside to dry. The Creative Medium will hold all kinds of fun embellishments in place.

Fabrico Markers in Pea Pod, Bubble Gum, and WisteriaMemento Luxe Lilac Posies and an Ink Blusher
Step 2

Die cut mechanical parts of the Hanging Charm Pull Tab card: one base, two pull tabs, and two frames. Before cutting one frame apply Xyron permanent adhesive to the cardstock for later assembly. Die cut one butterfly charm from Taffeta Vertigo. Color butterfly charm with Fabrico Markers in Pea Pod, Bubble Gum, and Wisteria. Ink base mechanism with Memento Luxe Lilac Posies and an Ink Blusher. Ink one pull tab with butterfly stencil and Memento Luxe Lilac Posies. Ink both frames fronts with Memento Luxe Pear Tart and an Ink Blusher. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for opposite edge of the base and set aside to dry.

Step 3

Trim corners of butterfly pull tab, cutting off the tabs. This will now fit over the second pull tag perfectly when assembled.

Step 4

Trim a section of Taffeta Vertigo to 3 ¼” x 4 ½”. This will be the base for the mechanism. Gently place Tear It Tape on recycled plastic bag packaging and trim in half lengthwise. Tear It Tape is placed on the mechanism where shown, both long edges closest to the outside to allow the tabs to move along the track and behind the notched opening for the pull tab. Center and apply to the Vertigo base.

Step 5

Apply Tear It Tape to open end of the mechanism. There is a slight indentation to train the fold. Place tag with tabs through the notch and tuck tabs under mechanism. Center in the slot and adhere mechanism to the tag. This tag was spritzed with Fireworks in Pear Tart.

Step 6

Spritz card base with Fireworks! in Pear Tart and set aside to dry. Use metallic craft thread to fashion a hanger for the butterfly charm.

Step 7

Tie a knot in the metallic thread just above the edge of the frame. Lift the Xyron permanent adhesive liner and center thread. Center second frame over the adhesive and slowly remove liner to adhere the two sides of the frame together.

Step 8

Trim Tear It Tape lengthwise to fit the small sections on the front of the mechanism. Place it between the two folds. Adhere frame with butterfly charm. Pull mechanism into full upright position with tag fully extended out the back of the mechanism. Apply Tear It Tape around the edges. Adhere butterfly tag over the base pull tag. A small section should extend past the bottom tag. Apply Tear It tape around the three edges of the Vertigo base opposite the mechanism. Don’t put tape on the fourth edge as it will show when the tag is in upright position.

Open mechanism and stamp sentiment in StazOn ink. Royal Purple

Open mechanism and stamp sentiment in StazOn ink. Royal Purple is used here with a sentiment from Joy Clair’s Butterfly Kisses stamp set. Adhere Vertigo and mechanism to card base. Punch a hole in the top of the pull tag and thread decorative fibers through the hole and loop to hold in place.

And whew! You have finished a motion card! It is a lot of work but well worth it and once you make a couple of projects like this then it becomes easier! Enjoy!


  • Strathmore – Bristol Board 100 pound
  • Recollections – Glass Glitter
  • Glitter – Pastel
  • Elizabeth Craft Designs—1104 Hanging Charm Pull Tab die, S022 Butterflies & Stars stencil
  • Joy Clair – Butterfly Kisses
  • Fiber scraps