Create a Home Décor Using Leftover Letter Stickers

by Elina Stromberg

We scrapbookers and card makers love letter stickers. And we have lots of them. However, after using the sticker sets for writing card sentiments and scrapbook titles we end up with a growing pile of sets with only a few letters left. This project idea takes those single letter stickers of varying patterns, colors, and size into a new use. Choose your favorite inspirational quote and favorite colors to create this fun project!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour + drying time


Step 1

Select letters from various sticker sets to write your quote. Form words and glue letters on a white painting board or canvas.

Step 2

Cover the letters with white gesso. Apply a few thin layers letting the layers dry in between.

Step 3

Color the letters with VersaFine Clair ink. Use one or several colors of your choice. Let dry. Decorate with sequins, seed beads or stamped patterns.

In addition to the whiteboard I decided to do another version of the quote board with a colorful background and white letters: I placed the loose letters on my craft mat, painted them with gesso, colored the background, and as the last step glued the letters on my board. The background is heavy watercolor paper, and I painted it with a few Fireworks! inks. That shimmering watercolor look creates a beautiful contrast to the simple white letters!


  • White gesso
  • Painting board or heavy watercolor paper
  • Glue
  • Sequins

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