Learn How To Color Jewelry Charms With Embossing Powder

by Kyriakos Pachadirolgou

Learn How To Color Jewelry Charms With Embossing Powder

With summer being just around the corner, be ready by making a sea-themed bracelet for your vacation swag. Use the Mboss embossing powders to cover metallic charms, such as starfish, seahorses, and anchors, to add color to them. This tecnique is simple and not too demanding to make; match it to your color palette of choice and add even more Mboss-ed charms.

Skill: Advanced
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Press the metallic sea-themed charms on the VersaMark watermark ink pad, cover with the different colors of Mboss embossing powders and heat set. The VersaMark is a tacky ink and will stick to the metal charms long enough to receive the embossing powder.

Step 2

Cut 3 x 10 inch long pieces of the wax cord (you will adjust the length of the bracelet later) and secure them at one edge.

Step 3

Add just a small drop of On Point Glue to the other edge of the cords to keep them from fringing.

Step 4

Start adding beads and the charms you covered with Mboss Embossing Powder in step one to each of the three cords.

Step 5

When you have about 2 inches of the cords filled with beads and charms, place all cords through a large hole bead. This will give your bracelet some nice structure, but it is an optional step. Repeat steps four and five until you have around 7 inches of bracelet.

Step 6

Continue adding beads and charms and at 7 inches long secure the edges and add the closing caps. Adding a chain to once cap will make the the length of the bracelet adjustable. Add the hook to the other cap.

Never made jewelry before? Click here to see a post about some basics of jewelry making.


  • Heat tool
  • Glass and metallic beads
  • Sea themed metallic charms
  • Jewelry clasps, hooks, lobster locks, chain
  • Waxed purple cord
  • Pliers

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