Want to Learn How to Make Jewelry?

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

My love of wires and metals inspire me to create jewelry pieces. Being a beginner in jewelry making, I decided to play it safe and avoid complicated designs and techniques. This made me look at my craft supplies and see what I can make out of them. Craft supplies are always a nice starting point to match colors and materials to make something original and one of a kind. At end of the day, who wouldn’t want to wear pieces that catch the eye that no one else could have? Following tutorials found online (preferably video tutorials), you can easily get the basics of jewelry making.


In my experience, if you decide to make jewelry pieces that go beyond beading and weaving, it is important to get information on secondary materials like cords, clasps, jump rings, rings, metals, etc. that will be used to join your creations or use them as bases to create on. Take time to understand sizes and lengths and have samples of them to help you have a close view of their features. A wrong type of wire or a small ring can just make your life harder when you start making a jewelry piece, and in some cases, the action is not reversible.

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou makes a peacock theme jewlery set using StazOn, VeraMark and embossing powders. green, yellow, teal, metal, circles, earrings, necklace.
There are a lot of basic craft materials that can work well in and give excellent results. Having a look at a previous Peacock Jewelry project, you will easily identify the craft basics I used on them. I used StazOn ink to color Imagine’s Sheet Metal Small Circles—StazOn inkpads are my favorites in the jewelry making. They quickly dry on the surfaces (especially on metal which that I love using) and adding GlazOn seals the results.


If you are looking to make simple jewelry projects, you may already have the tools in your craft room and just need to buy a few things. Scissors, craft knife, pliers, piercing tool are common tools for everyday projects.

How to Use StazOn and Vertigo to Create Unique Jewelry

Working with jump rings, wires, clasps etc, round nose and flat nose pliers are helpful to form wires and secure cord endings. In the photo above, I created a fun Love bracelet using Vertigo surfaces. When you use soft surfaces, try adding a soft rubber or plastic cap to cover the pliers (even a plastic straw) to prevent marks on your pieces. Also, even your die cutting machine can become a tool for your jewelry depending on what you will be making!


Anything that is around me can be a spark for creativity. Look around your room and your craft supplies for inspiration and ways to alter them into a piece of jewelry!

Like these wooden canvas wedges. Sometimes simple things with a little work turn to very nice results.

purple dragon necklace

Your favorite stamps can be used on metal sheet and covered with sealant like this simple Dragon necklace. So the next time you want to create something out of the box and have a handmade jewelry piece that combines your style and art, just look into your craft stash and go simple!


Craft Gawker ‘s jewelry section.

Youtube tutorials Jewelry Making 101 & jewelry wires explanation – Wire Terminology

Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters 


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