Learn to Create a Quick and Easy Wood House with Walnut Crystals

by Iris Rodriguez

Learn to Create a Quick and Easy Wood House with Walnut Crystals

This is a fun easy peasy DIY Home Décor project made using a wooden house and walnut ink. The house can be purchased at most craft stores or if you’re a woodworker, just cut out a 4×4 into a house shape. I colored the house with Walnut Ink Crystals and embossed images with Imagine’s new Mboss White embossing powder.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 30 minutes + drying time


Step 1

Mix a few Walnut Ink crystals into a small amount of water. The crystals dissolve quickly and the amount you use will determine the density and rich color of the ink. Once you have mixed the crystals, brush on the Walnut Ink. Let the ink dry completely. You can use a heating tool or allow it dry naturally, which takes about an hour.

Step 2

Apply VersaMark ink through the stencil with an Inkblusher. Add the White Mboss embossing powder and apply heat to melt the embossing powder. The embossing powder is 100% opaque so the final result is beautiful showing embossed images on the sides on the back. That’s it! Now you have a nice home décor, custom made by you.


  • Wooden House
  • Folk Art-Flower Stencil
  • Paint brush
  • Small dish

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