Create a Valentine’s Day Treat Box with VersaColor and StazOn Pigment

by Lori Warren

Create a Valentine’s Day Treat Box with VersaColor and StazOn Pigment

Treat a special friend with a hand stamped Valentine’s day box this year, filled with their favorite treat.  Gift giving is the greatest part of Valentine’s day! 

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 20 minutes



  • Simon Says Stamp Set – Valentine’s Day
  • Art-C Stamp & Cut Box Die
  • Berwick Twine o Black and White
  • Aluminum Round Tag – 1 ½”
  • Cardstock – Black and White

Quick and Easy Projects: Valentine Gift Bag with Memento Luxe

by LeeAnn McKinney

Hi there friends! So as you can tell, I like making gifts for people. This little Valentine’s bag is just too cute. By the time Valentine’s Day arrives I will have 3 grandchildren, and I am making one of these bags for each, even though the third will be a newborn. This is also the second gift bag I have made fr Valentine’s Day. See the end screen videos to see my candy bag for Valentine’s gifts!

With just a few products, you too can make one of these backs quickly.

Delicata in Golden Glitz
and Ruby Red

 Memento Luxe – Rich Cocoa 


Fabric Mini Bags

Acrylic Block

Hero Arts – CM211 CHERUBS

Dollar Tree Stencil Wheel

Imagine Craft Mat


See How to Make Rose Petal Using Creative Medium

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

See How to Make Rose Petal Using Creative Medium

Working with the Creative Medium on some of my crafting projects, I noticed how it shows when it gets dry on the craft mat. Combining the nonstick feature of Imagine’s Craft Mat with the elasticity of the Creative Medium, I thought it could create a new kind of project–rose petals! Leaving a thick coat of the Creative Medium on the Craft Mat, it gives you a material for dimensional creation. The roses crafted with it can be part of the decoration on a festive table, attached on gift boxes, gifted as they are, or be an inspiration to use on various craft projects. The Creative Medium can be also mixed with different inks to make multiple colors of flowers.

Skill: Advance
Time: 1 hour + drying time


Step 1

Use a palette knife to lay a thick layer of Creative Medium on the Craft Mat making circles. Let the Creative Medium dry well. For each rose, you will need 7 circles to create the petals.

Step 2

When the Creative Medium dries, remove the circles and start rolling one to make the center of the rose.

Step 3

Continue by attaching more circles forming them to petals. Note that you may need to trim around a bit the circles if the Creative Medium is not spread nicely on the craft mat.

Step 4

While you attach more petals, bend the edges a bit and hold them to keep the shape of the petal. The Creative Medium is sticky enough to keep the petals together with no need of extra glue.

Step 5

Press the branches on the VersaMark inkpad, cover with Imagine’s Embossing Powder in Gold and heat set.

Step 6

Cut small pieces of the florist brown tape and trim the edges to form triangles.

Step 7

Press lightly the branch in the rose, secure with hot glue and cover with the trimmed tape. Add more tape around them for a better presentation.

Step 8

Color the fabric roses with the VersaFine Clair Chanti ink pad and then distress them with the irRESISTible Pico Embellisher in Gold. When they dry, glue them on the branches.



  • Thin branches
  • Faux/fabric rose leaves
  • Florist brown tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun