Create A “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” Greeting Card

by Iris Rodriguez

Create A Not All Who Wander Are Lost Greeting Card

I made a travel theme card with a porthole using the Vertigo film. This is a plastics film containing a 3D, hologram-like imprint. The porthole window view has a fantasy feel. It’s like looking into the abyss as you go onto your great adventure. Vertigo can be tinted with Imagine’s inks and cut with scissors or other cutting tools. Check out how this grungy, travel-themed card is made.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Cut out or use a die cut tool to cut a circle containing an open center from the chipboard.

Step 2

Cut out four or more different size pieces of chipboard. This will be the steampunk looking wall. Rip the edges with your hands for added grungy-ness.

Step 3

Add a few Walnut Crystals to water and mix. Paint the chipboard with a brush. Dry the paper.

Step 4

Smoosh the Golden Glitz Delicata ink onto the craft mat. Spray with water and mix.

Step 5

Smoosh the card pieces onto the watered ink. Dry the paper. Ink the edges with VersaFine Vintage Sepia ink. Ink the porthole with Delicata Celestial Copper ink.

Step 6

Now we will create the porthole. It’s made using the Breeze Vertigo. This is a firm plastic film that has a cool effect imprint. Looks like a hologram.

Step 7

Tint the Vertigo with Cottage Ivy and Pear Tart Memento inks.

Step 8

Add tiny drops of the On Point Glue to the Vertigo circle and adhere the chipboard circle.

Step 9

Add tiny drops of the On Point Glue to the chipboard circle and adhere the metal studs.

Step 10

Ink an area onto one of the chipboard pieces with the White Shimmery Delicata ink and stamp the sentiment over it with the Piano Black StazOn Pigment ink. I did this so one can better see the sentiment. You may choose to stamp the sentiment over the chipboard piece as is.

Step 11

Adhere the map paper onto the card base first, then adhere the chipboard pieces. Next, adhere the porthole and finally add the rest of the studs onto the chipboard pieces.


  • Map scrapbooking paper or map stamp
  • Cardbase
  • Chipboard
  • Metal studs
  • Sentiment Stamp

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