Create a Copper and Teal Father’s Day Steampunk Card

by Iris Rodriguez

Create a Copper and Teal Father's Day Steampunk Card

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but I thought I’d get a head start on a steampunk/industrial Father’s Day card. Depending on the mom – it could be for either! These projects are always fun because you get to make things look grungy and metallic with inks, embossing powders and embellishments. By altering corrugated cardboard with different craft inks, you can transform scraps into a cool background. See how I made it!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1.5 hours


Step 1

Select a piece of corrugated cardboard.

Step 2

Spray Ink Potion No. 9 onto the corrugated cardboard. This helps the ink spread evenly and reduces harsh spray splotches. Spray Walnut Ink on the corrugated cardboard randomly. The ink will seep into the crevices. This imitates a timeworn metal look. To remove ink from the crevices use a dry brush to lift up the ink, then dry onto a paper towel. Dry paper.

Step 3

Rip the top and bottom edges.

Step 4

Ink the corrugated cardboard with Champagne Delicata and Turquoise Gem VersaMagic inks on the raised surface. The Turquoise Gem ink imitates a patina look while the Champagne ink imitates bits of metal shining through. Dry paper.

Step 5

Ink the edges with the Rich Cocoa Memento Luxe ink. Dry paper

Step 6

Ink gears with VersaMark ink, add Imagine’s Embossing Powder in Gold and heat set. Repeat this step using the Celestial Copper and Silver embossing powders.

Step 7

To vary the look of the gears, create a patina and copper gear. Ink the gear with Turquoise Gem VersaMagic ink.

Step 8

Add Imagine’s Embossing Powder in Copper on random areas.

Step 9

Add Imagine’s Embossing powder in Clear to the rest of gear and heat set

Step 10

Ink the card’s edges with Turquoise Gem VersaMagic Ink. Dry paper. Ink small areas randomly with the Celestial Copper Delicata ink.

Step 11

Adhere corrugated cardboard front to the card.

Step 12

Adhere nailheads, studs, and gears. Stamp a “Happy Father’s Day” sentiment and cut out into a rectangle shape. Add small metal studs on the four corners of the sentiment card and mount to the front of the card. Essentially the card is finished at this point but you can continue to add little details to make it your own! Happy grungy cardmaking!


  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Creative Embellishments – Chipboard Gears (1, 1.25. 1.5 inches); ‘Loose Parts’ set
  • Nailhead and stud metal embellishments
  • Happy Father’s Day sentiment stamp

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