Learn How to Make a Springtime Bee Door Hanger

By Roni Johnson

In today’s tutorial, I show you how to make a fun springtime door hanger using All-Purpose Inks, Fireworks! Spray and Vertigo Film! You will be the buzz of the neighborhood.


Skill: Beginner

Time: 1.5 hours + dry time



Step 1

Gather up your supplies.



Step 2

Cut cheesecloth into 1 – 1.5” strips.



Step 3

Dampen the cheesecloth with water and place it into a plastic sealable bag.



Step 4

Use an Ink Dropper and place in a few drops of #11 Lemon Yellow All-Purpose Inks into the bag.


Step 5

Seal the bag and smoosh the ink around until all of the cheesecloth has been colored.


Step 6

Repeat steps 3 – 5 this time using #82 Real Black All-Purpose Ink.



Step 7

Remove the dyed cheesecloth strips from the baggies, unfold and place over a protected surface. Allow the cheesecloth strips to dry completely.



Step 8

Place the embroidery hoops on a piece of cardboard and trace around the shape x 2.

These will help to:

a) stabilize the finished door hanger

b) give you something to glue the cheesecloth to

c) give you a nice finished-looking door hanger.



Step 9

Glue the embroidery hoops to one of the cardboard pieces.



Step 10

Paint the hoops and cardboard with a coat of black acrylic paint.



Step 11

Begin wrapping the body of the bee with the dyed cheesecloth alternating between yellow and black. Wrap the head of the bee with all black cheesecloth. Secure the cheesecloth to the form using hot glue.



Step 12

Cut a stinger from cardboard, paint it black; cover with a layer of On Point Glue and apply glitter.



Step 13

Affix the stinger to the bee form using hot glue.

Step 14

Cut wings from Vertigo film and affix them to the back of the bee form using hot glue.



Step 15

Spray foil leaves and paper flowers using Fireworks! Spray ink and allow them to dry completely.



Step 16

Using hot glue, adhere the leaves, flowers and a ribbon bow to the front of the bee form.



Step 17

Insert a piece of wire into the second cardboard piece for a hanger. Use hot-glue to affix this cardboard piece to the back of the bee form covering the cheesecloth ends and wings.




  • Cardboard
  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Cheesecloth
  • Plastic Baggies
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Foil Leaves
  • Paper Flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Fairy Hugs Powder (glitter) – Raven

Check Out This Fun Mixed Media Door Hanger Project

by Steph Ackerman

Mixed media projects consist of a variety of projects in all shapes and sizes. Mixed media means you can mix an assortment of products to create a one of a kind piece of artwork. So decide on your base, grab some items from your stash, several colors of ink, a stencil and let your imagination flow. Create with no expectations and see what happens. In today’s tutorial, I put together a beautiful door hanger in a lavender and dandelion color scheme.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour + drying time


Step 1

Paint door hanger with black gesso; alternatively use a black door hanger. Place stencil on top. Use Creative Medium with a palette knife randomly about the door hanger. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Ink assorted chipboard elements with VersaMagic in Purple Hydrangea and Brilliance in Sunflower Yellow, or choose the ink colors that speak to you.

Step 3

Add shimmer by spritzing several chipboard elements with Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray in Dandelion.

Step 4

Stamp a phrase using VersaFine Clair in Nocturne on a wood sign. Ink a portion of the image stamp with VersaFine Clair in Nocturne and stamp around the oval chipboard element.

Step 5

Using the doily as the base, determine the position of each element. Use On Point Glue to adhere the elements. Glue doily to door hanger. Wrap twine around the heart and adhere. Add twine to the stamped tag and adhere.


  • Door Hanger
  • The Crafter’s Workshop – Stencil
  • Unity Stamp Co. – Stamp
  • Paper Doily
  • Metal, chipboard elements
  • Black Gesso
  • Twine