Make a Beautiful Heart-Shaped Plywood Ornament


By Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Make a distressed heart-shaped plywood ornament with Walnut Inks. Color with Memento inks for a smooth result and decorate with stamps and StazOn inks for a sharp and bleedless design.


Skill: Beginner

Time: 1 Hour




Step 1

Paint the plywood shape with All-Purpose White ink color. Let it dry well.



Step 2

Sprinkle drops of the Walnut Ink Eucalyptus, add very few Walnut Ink Crystals and spray with water to dilute further. Dry well.



Step 3

Use a Sponge Dauber to smoothly add color with Memento Rich Cocoa and Pear Tart ink pads.



Step 4

Stamp the foliage first with the Memento Bamboo leaves and then stamp on top, slightly offsetting to the first design, with StazOn Olive Green.


Step 5

Stamp butterflies with StazOn Fuchsia pink and Royal Purple ink pads.


Step 6

Add a sentiment with StazOn Jet Black.



Step 7

Cut 12″ long pieces of the cotton ribbon and spay with the Walnut Inks Eucalyptus, Lilac and Cherry Blossom. Let them dry.



Step 7

Tie the cotton ribbons on the heart shape.


Art Supplies:


All-Purpose Ink – White

Walnut Ink – Eucalyptus, Lilac, Cherry Blossom

Memento – Pear Tart, Rich cocoa, Bamboo Leaves

StazOn – Olive Green, Fuchsia Pink, Royal Purple, Jet Black

Sponge Daubers



Plywood Heart Shape

Kaisercraft – Tigerlily Stamps

½” Cotton Ribbon



Create a Cool Houndstooth Heart Card Using Radiant Neon and Delicata Inkers

By Alison Heikkila

I love to stretch my craft supplies, so finding new ways to use things always makes me happy. Today, I will share a fun way to use your luscious Radiant Neon and Delicata Metallic Inkers. This particular card was made for Valentine’s Day, but you can easily change out the colors, shapes, and stencil for any occasion.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 30 Minutes


Step 1

Start by placing a heart shape onto your work surface. I used Gel Press Petite but if you don’t have any but you do have a Gel Press, you can easily free-hand cut or die-cut a shape of your choosing after you’ve made your print. Apply a drop or two of the Electric Pink Radiant Neon Inker on to the right side of the heart, and the Electric Coral Radiant Neon Inker on the left.


Step 2

Smooth and blend the colors with a brayer.


Sep 3

Lay the Houndstooth stencil on top of the heart and lay a piece of copy paper on top of that. Press the paper with your hand to lift the color from the open areas of the stencil. Pull the paper off, and you have the beginning of a print for a later date.

Step 4

Leave the stencil in place and apply a few drops of Delicata Silvery Shimmer Inker onto the heart. Roll out the color with your brayer.


This photo shows how the ink colors look on the plate, before lifting the stencil.

Step 5

Lift the stencil off of the heart and apply a new piece of copy paper to the heart. Smooth the paper onto the heart with your hands (or you can use your brayer), and pull the print. Now you have the positive and negative spaces filled with color, using only reinkers! once the paint is dry, you can cut the shape out. You may want to use a heat tool for this since this ink is a pigment ink and takes a long time to dry.


Step 6

For the stenciled panel, cut a piece of black cardstock to 4″ x 5 1/4.”

Step 7

Lay the Houndstooth stencil on top and apply Silvery Shimmer ink (I used the pad) to the center of the panel with a blending brush. I kept the color heavy in the middle and faded it as I worked my way out in circular motions.

Step 8

Stamp a sentiment in the lower right corner using the same ink.


Step 9

Apply a few drops of the Golden Glitz Inker to an acrylic block and flicked the color off the block with a paintbrush.


Step 10

Once the panel is dry, apply it to a gray card base and adhered the heart on top, at an angle.



• Radiant Neon Inker – Electric Pink

• Radiant Neon Inker – Electric Coral

• Delicata Inker – Silvery Shimmer

• Delicata Inker – Golden Glitz

• Delicata Ink Pad – Silvery Shimmer



• A Colorful Life Designs – Houndstooth Stencil

• Gel Press – Petites: Lovely Days

• Speedball – Brayer

• Stampendous – POP Hydrangea Stamp Set

• Recollections – Black and Gray Cardstock

• Acrylic Block

• Makeup Blending Brush

• Copy Paper

• Paint Brush


Learn How to Create Wedding Ring Clay Bowls

by Iris Rodriguez

Learn How to Create Wedding Ring Clay Bowls and color with All purpose ink in rose gold

Spring is here, the weather is getting nicer and the wedding season is upon us. One of the smallest details that has the biggest meaning at a wedding, is the ring. In this post, I will demonstrate how to make two different DIY ring bowls using air-dry clay and All-Purpose inks. Using Imagine’s newest stunning Rose Gold All-Purpose ink, I demonstrate how to make a Rose Gold flower ring bowl. I will also show you how to add shading and depth by making use of the All-Purpose ink Vintage Wine, a dark burgundy color.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 Hour to make the bowls, 2 days total for bowls to air dry


Step 1

For this project, I used Activa Plus clay. This clay is fine, moist, malleable, firm, but not hard. It is an air-dry clay. Keep the clay moist by spraying a little water. Adding water also makes it softer. When the clay is wet, it is beige like color, and when dry it turns off white color. The rate that it dries will depend on the thickness of the project and room temperature. The drier the room, the faster it dries.

Step 2

Roll out a sheet of clay. You can use a roller normally used roll out dough or use a clay roller.

Step 3

The clay is usually very smooth when it’s rolled out. If it is not, then smooth out the clay with your fingers, rib tool or wet sponge.

Step 4

Using a stylus, draw out the desired shape. Use can also a template or other items you can place over the clay and trace. If you change your mind, remove the line by smoothing out the clay.

Step 5

Using a clay needle tool or knife, cut out the shape.

Step 6

Smooth out the edges with your fingers or tools. Draw the petal’s ridges with a hard-edged tool. Sculpt the stamen by using a stylus or the pointy end of a paintbrush.

Step 7

Place the clay bowl into a real bowl or other object and allow it dry for one to two days. It will take on the shape of the object. To determine if it’s dry, take a look at the natural clay color; it will turn an off-white when dry. Also, if the clay feels cold then it’s still wet.

Step 8

Paint the clay with the Vintage Wine All-Purpose ink with a paintbrush. Heat set the ink with a heating tool or allow the ink to air dry more than half-hour. Allow the ink to dry completely before proceeding.

Buy Rose Gold Ink at the Imagine Shop

Click the image above to see the Rose Gold Ink on the Imagine Shop

Step 9

Using the Inkblusher, sponge on the Rose Gold All-Purpose ink. Tap gently in an up and down motion, ensuring that it does not get into recessed areas. Heat set the ink with a heating tool or allow the ink to dry for about 10 minutes. Because it is sponged on, the ink dries fairly quickly. The color intensity will be determined by the number of layers used. I used four thin layers for my bowls. Allow each layer to dry before proceeding.

Step 10

Following steps 2-6 to make the heart-shaped bowl. For this bowl, I made heart templates out of cardstock paper and added the texture by making indentations with a clay stylus tool or you can use the pointy end of a paintbrush.

Step 11

Paint the heart bowl with Red Delicious All-Purpose ink. Heat set the ink with a heating tool or allow the ink to dry for more than a half-hour.

Step 12

Paint one layer of the Vintage Wine All-Purpose ink.

Step 13

Wipe off the ink from the raised areas with a baby wipe or cotton cloth. Do not use a paper towel. It will stick to the clay and ink, as they are porous surfaces. It is very important to seal the bowls. It protects the ink and clay from liquids and dust. Best of all, it looks purposely finished. You can use a spray sealant like 3M/Krylon or brush on a water-based varnish or polyurethane.



Craft Mat
All-Purpose Ink – Vintage Wine, Rose Gold, Red Delicious


• Activa Plus Self Hardening Clay – White
• Modeling clay tools
• Sealer (spray, or polyurethane)