VersaFine Clair Fading Technique

by Nadine Carlier

Fading Technique with VersaFine Clair by Nadine Carlier IC WM

A fun background idea for your cards is creating a fading technique using VersaFine Clair Inks and some Ink Potion No. 9 with a stencil. This is a super easy technique that will make people ask, “How did you do that?”

Watch my video tutorial below to learn how I created the fading effect on my card.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 15 min.



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Learn to Create Quilled Birthday Cake Gift Bag

by Jessica Litman

Jessica Litman uses VersaColor and On Point Glue in a paper quilling project. Happy Birthday gift bag. blue, orange, yellow, green.

I always love to wrap and decorate birthday presents, but there are times when I don’t have the time to actually wrap a gift. I need to throw the present in a gift bag and go. That is the inspiration behind today’s blog post. For this topic, I choose to decorate gift bags with quilled birthday cakes! I used On Point Glue throughout this project because it has the fine tip applicator and allows enough open time to move the quilled paper exactly where I want it.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30 min. + dry time


Step 1

Cut pieces of paper into thin strips from blue, yellow and orange paper using a paper trimmer.

Jessica Litman uses VersaColor and On Point Glue in a paper quilling project. Happy Birthday gift bag. blue, orange, yellow, green.

Step 2

Create the top of the cake by taking a piece of blue quilling paper and creating a large oval. Glue ends together using On Point Glue. Begin to create the bottom of the cake by taking another piece of blue quilling paper and adhere one end to the oval.

Step 3

Finish the bottom of the cake by wrapping blue quilling paper to the other side of the oval and adhere. Round the bottom of the paper to create the bottom of the cake. Adhere the outline of the cake to the gift bag. Attach rolled quilling to the inside of the bottom portion of the cake outline. Repeat until bottom portion is filled.

Step 4

Create a large rolled paper and attach that to the inside of the top portion of the cake outline. Using orange paper, roll an oval. Push the top and bottom to create a rectangle. Attach to itself. Repeat to make enough candles as desired. Adhere candle bases above the cake. Roll yellow quilling paper in a circle. Pinch one side of the circle to create the candle flames. Adhere to itself. Repeat until all candles have flames. Adhere above candles.

Step 5

Once dry, stamp Happy Birthday with multicolor Feista VersaColor inkpad and let dry. Tissue paper and gift are ready to go inside this newly decorated bag!

Tip: Clean off stamp using StazOn stamp cleaner. Spray directly onto the stamp. Wipe clean.


  • Scissors
  • Quilling Paper– blue, orange and yellow
  • Gift Bag
  • Happy Birthday Stamp




Feast Your Eyes on this Gold Saturation Project

Gold is especially an eye-catching color or an element to be more accurate. Gold seems to capture two things at once– a hue (yellow, rose, white) and an effect (reflective, shimmer, metallic). Something inside of us is continually drawn to the lively tension gold creates. In this blog, Mischelle Smith saturates a card with gold and contrasts with black with a Valentine’s Day card that is certainly elegant. Renee Zarate uses gold with a deep red that causes a different kind of saturation. In her gift bag project, the eye is overwhelmed with color creating a rich effect that also demands your attention.

Gold on Gold Valentine's Day card with StazOn ink and Gold Embossing Powder

Mischelle started by diecutting a heart and frame for the sentiment. She then embossed over the surface of both pieces using a brayer with VersaMark ink and Imagine’s Gold Embossing Powder. Since the embossed surface is nonporous, Mischelle stamped the heart with Jet Black StazOn ink. StazOn is a solvent ink and is compatible with most nonporous surfaces (perfect for this technique).  Mischelle then finished composing the layout with the additional pieces of polka dot cardstock, glitter paper, black ribbon, and embellishments.  The end result is an elegant saturation of gold with contrasting black details — an eye-catching take on a Valentine’s Day card.

StazOn used to stamp on top of Gold embossed heart! Valentines Day


  • Watercolor paper
  • The Paper Studio – Glitter Paper
  • Close To My Heart – Hello Wonderful, Heart Thin Cuts, Rhinestones
  • Acrylic Blocks
  • Stamp Cleaner Pad
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Heat Tool
  • Diecut machine
  • Paper trimmer

Imagine Gold Embossing Powder on a red gift bag for Valentine's Day.

Renee explains, “I am a big fan of gift bags. It only takes a few minutes to personalize a gift bag and several could be made up in advance and kept on hand for emergencies.” Taking time to make a matching bag to a gift surely puts the thought of giving to the next level. This project involves using Versamark ink and Gold Embossing Powder to emboss the bag and Delicata to detail the tissue paper. Create a centerpiece with a large heart and sentiment, then choose a medium size heart for the bag border and finish with a small heart for the tissue paper. The beauty of the Delicata Gold ink is that it does not have to be embossed to pop out on a project.

Gold Hearts on Tissue Paper


  • Paper gift bag
  • White tissue paper
  • Heat tool
  • Craft mat
  • Dina Wakley Media Heart Stamp
  • Inkadinkado Stamp