See How To Make A Birthday Card With A Dynamic Look

by Elina Stromberg

See How To Make A Birthday Card With A Dynamic Look

This card project is a playful combination of two very different design elements; a simple white graphical front and a rich bright colorful background. This design idea can be used for various card projects of different sizes and shapes; this background looks as great on a large square card as on a small ATC. For the background use your favorite colors and color combinations and add additional layers with stamps and stencils. The graphical white card front will calm down even the busiest color burst background making the result look elegant and beautiful.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 2 hours + drying time


Step 1

Trim a panel from white cardstock. The size should be slightly smaller than your card base (approx. 0.25 inch smaller on all edges). Place the panel on your craft mat, backside up. Using a pencil and a ruler trace a border around the edges. Trace a few straight lines across the panel, letting the lines cross. Decide on the placement of the solid front label that will be the base for the stamped sentiment. Mark the label area clearly so that it will be left uncut.

Step 2

Place the front panel on a cutting mat. Using a craft knife and a ruler cut out the areas inside the crossing lines. Leave a thin border on both sides of the lines. Do not cut into the solid label area.

Step 3

Mist a piece of white heavy watercolor paper with water. Use your craft mat as a palette: Remove the nozzle from the Fireworks mist, pour a drop of color on the craft mat and apply color on the paper using a brush. Add drops of another matching color either with a brush or with the nozzle. Mix colors using both water and a brush, let dry before adding more layers of color.

Step 4

When finished with painting splash the paper with clear water. Let water react with the colors for a few seconds and lift off excess by pressing the paper with a paper towel. Let dry completely and trim to size of your white card front.

Step  5

Using one or two ink colors stamp the sentiment text on the card front.

Step 6

Assemble the card by first gluing the white card front on the colorful background and then attaching the entire front panel on the card base.

Extra Tip:

When coloring a card background I often use a paper slightly larger than my finished project. After trimming the panel to the final size I keep the colorful leftover pieces and use them for decorating the inside of the card. This way I’m continuing the same color and/or pattern theme on the inside of the card!




  • White cardstock
  • White heavy watercolor paper
  • Solid color card base
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Watercolor brush
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Paper trimmer
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ali Edwards – ‘Hello Birthday’ Stamp

Use a Beautiful Coral Color on These Cute Panda Birthday Cards

by Elina Stromberg

Use a Beautiful Coral Color on These Cute Panda Birthday Cards

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute declares a particular color “Color of the Year”. It is chosen in a secret meeting of representatives from various nations’ color standards groups, and the result of the meeting is communicated in Pantone View, which fashion designers and other consumer-oriented companies purchase and use as guidance for their future product designs.

This year the Pantone Color of the Year is “Living Coral”. It is described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Lovely! To celebrate this newly released Color of the Year “Living Coral” is also the color of the month for Imagine AIR’s. I must admit that coral is very rarely seen on my crafting projects, but I was quite surprised how yummy this rich red color looked on my card creation. Especially when contrasted with simple light grey hues!

Skill: Beginner/Intermediate
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Layer two stencils on the card background: Place the patterned stencil on the background paper and a circle stencil on top. Secure on your crafting mat with masking tape. Apply ‘Electric Coral’ Radiant Neon ink through the stencil with a sponge dauber. Remove both stencils.

Step 2

Place the inked background paper on a sheet of printing paper. Pour clear embossing powder over the stenciled and inked area. Pour any extra embossing powder onto the printing paper and funnel the extra powder back into its container. Heat the embossing powder with a heating tool until completely melted. Trim the decorated paper to size and mat on a piece of coral colored cardstock.

Step 3

Stamp the panda image and sentiment text with black ink on white paper. Cut out and glue on the card front. Attach card on white card base using double-sided tape. When the card was finished the stencil still had still coral ink on it, so I decided to use it for another fun card background: I misted the inked part of the stencil gently with water, placed it upside down on a piece of grey patterned paper, and transferred the ink on the paper by rolling the stencil background with a brayer.

Step 4

Then I removed the stencil, let the ink dry, and dabbed a thin layer of coral ink on the pattern. Then I repeated the mounting on coral cardstock and used a different panda image for this card. I think this reverse version of the stencil pattern looks very nice, too!


  • Light grey patterned paper
  • Coral cardstock
  • White paper
  • White card base
  • Heat gun
  • Brayer
  • Water mister
  • Stamps: Stampin’Up: Party Pandas
  • Stencils: Circle stencil
  • TCW: Botanical Garden (6”x6”)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape