Color of the Month for June is Fern Green

Color of the Month for June is Fern Green. We love this soft green color because it reminds us of the beautiful plants that come bursting forward into the lushness of Summer. Some of the inks we recommend for this color are StazOn Cactus Green, VersaColor Fresh Green, VersaFine Clair in Green Oasis and Verdant.

Here is a sneak peek for what we have coming up this month…

Green Eyes Art Canvas by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Mixed Media by Roni Johnson

Resist Embossing by Martha Lucia Gomez

Create A Fashion Forward Birthday Card With Mboss

by Iris Rodriguez

Create A Fashion Forward Birthday Card With Mboss

This month I had the pleasure of using Imagine’s new Mboss embossing powders for my projects. They are fine embossing powders that come in a lot of colors and glittery combinations, for instance: Valentine which is red and gold, New Year’s Eve which is black and gold, as well as special effect powders like gold metallic and new solid colors. In this project, I used glittery color combinations Valentine for the dress and New Years Eve for the background, purse, and sentiment. Check it out!

Skills: Beginner
Time 30 minutes


Step 1

Using a dress template or die cut, cut out a dress from watercolor paper.

Step 2

Place dress on foam and burnish the back side of the dress with a stylus. The dress will take on a curved shape giving it a dimensional look.

Step 3

Ink the front of the dress with the VersaMark ink.

Step 4

Apply Valentine Mboss Embossing Powder and using a heat tool, melt the powder. These new embossing powders come in a bag, in this image I added some powder onto a dish so that you can get a good view of this awesome color.

Step 5

Using the VersaMark ink, stamp a background image. Apply New Years Eve Mboss embossing powder and melt the powder with a heat tool. Do the same on the “Happy Birthday” sentiment and purse.

Step 6

Adhere a ribbon sash to the waist of the dress. Apply On Point Glue to the edges of the dress only and glue onto the card base. This will help to keep its dimension.

Step 7

Assemble the card with the dress, birthday sentiment, and matching card base.


  • Watercolor paper
  • Scissors
  • Stylus
  • Cardstock – white, black or print of choice
  • Large Background stamp
  • Ribbon
  • Birthday sentiment stamp

3 Techniques using the VersaMark Ink Pad with Mboss Embossing Powder

by Jessica Lin

3 Techniques using the VersaMark Ink Pad with Mboss Embossing Powder

Hi everyone! Today’s video highlights the VersaMark ink pad, which I’m sure most of you have heard of. (If not, come join the party!) It’s the sticky, clear ink that makes heat embossing super fun and easy. But did you know that you could also stamp with the VersaMark ink pad, and even use the “direct-to-paper” technique? Click on the video and learn how you can stretch the use of your VersaMark ink pads by using it 3 different ways. Two of the techniques are paired with Imagine’s new Mboss Embossing Powder. These two products are a match made in heaven!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour




• Cardstock
• Card base
• Die cut machine
• Stamping tool or platform
• Scissors
• Heat Tool
• Adhesive sheet
• Bone folder

Introducing Mboss Embossing Powder

Introducing Mboss Embossing Powder

Mboss is high-quality embossing powder available in new and revolutionary packaging that will make using it a breeze. Mboss embossing powder is great for sentiments and large area coverage. The large color range includes classic primary, metallic, pearlescent, and super fun glittery combinations. We had the crafter in mind with a unique selection of holiday and seasonally focused colors. The new packaging is very functional with a wide mouth for easy powder return.

Clear 013, Clear Matte 014, White 015, Black 016, Gold 017, Copper 018, Silver 019, Champagne 020, Red 021, Orange 022, Yellow 023, Green 024, Blue 025, Violet 026, Rose Gold 027, Metallic Berry 028, Metallic Orchid 029, Emerald 030, Icy Blue 031, Sapphire 032, Amethyst 033, Jade Pearl 034, Amber Pearl 035, Indigo Pearl 036, Gold Glitter 037, New Years Eve 038, Sparkling Champagne 040, Valentine 041, Lucky Stars 042, Sparkle 043, Black Hologram 044, Hologram 045, Birthday Party 046, Princess Party 050, Blue Icicle 047, Iridescent 048, Iridescent Opaque 049, Shimmering Night Sky 051

High quality all-purpose embossing powder

• Available in a wide range of colors with a holiday & seasonal focus for card makers
• Wide-mouthed resealable bag makes it easy to use and store at home
• Large color range includes classic primary, metallic, pearlescent, and glittery combinations

Check out our website to buy or learn more about Mboss.

Create A “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” Greeting Card

by Iris Rodriguez

Create A Not All Who Wander Are Lost Greeting Card

I made a travel theme card with a porthole using the Vertigo film. This is a plastics film containing a 3D, hologram-like imprint. The porthole window view has a fantasy feel. It’s like looking into the abyss as you go onto your great adventure. Vertigo can be tinted with Imagine’s inks and cut with scissors or other cutting tools. Check out how this grungy, travel-themed card is made.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Cut out or use a die cut tool to cut a circle containing an open center from the chipboard.

Step 2

Cut out four or more different size pieces of chipboard. This will be the steampunk looking wall. Rip the edges with your hands for added grungy-ness.

Step 3

Add a few Walnut Crystals to water and mix. Paint the chipboard with a brush. Dry the paper.

Step 4

Smoosh the Golden Glitz Delicata ink onto the craft mat. Spray with water and mix.

Step 5

Smoosh the card pieces onto the watered ink. Dry the paper. Ink the edges with VersaFine Vintage Sepia ink. Ink the porthole with Delicata Celestial Copper ink.

Step 6

Now we will create the porthole. It’s made using the Breeze Vertigo. This is a firm plastic film that has a cool effect imprint. Looks like a hologram.

Step 7

Tint the Vertigo with Cottage Ivy and Pear Tart Memento inks.

Step 8

Add tiny drops of the On Point Glue to the Vertigo circle and adhere the chipboard circle.

Step 9

Add tiny drops of the On Point Glue to the chipboard circle and adhere the metal studs.

Step 10

Ink an area onto one of the chipboard pieces with the White Shimmery Delicata ink and stamp the sentiment over it with the Piano Black StazOn Pigment ink. I did this so one can better see the sentiment. You may choose to stamp the sentiment over the chipboard piece as is.

Step 11

Adhere the map paper onto the card base first, then adhere the chipboard pieces. Next, adhere the porthole and finally add the rest of the studs onto the chipboard pieces.


  • Map scrapbooking paper or map stamp
  • Cardbase
  • Chipboard
  • Metal studs
  • Sentiment Stamp

Learn How to Use Iridescent Blue Creative Medium to get 3 Different Looks

by Lindsay Adreon

Learn How to Use Iridescent Blue Creative Medium 3 Different Looks

When I first took a peek at the Iridescent Creative Medium I couldn’t quite figure it out. In the jar, it didn’t really have any shine and I couldn’t detect a color shift like other iridescent products. Then, I swatched it and let it dry. I could not stop staring at how beautiful it was! Moving the swatch in the light—I was mesmerized by the medium and how it would shift colors as I moved it around! It also looks different on different colors of cardstock, plus you can add color to it! I’m sharing three different ways to use the Iridescent Creative Medium. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing around and experimenting with this fun medium!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 15 minutes + dry time



  • The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils – Wallflowers, Distressed Lace
  • Joy Clair Stamps – Spring Stroll Stamp Set
  • Hero Arts Prayers Stamp & Die Set
  • Cardstock – black, white
  • Cardbase