Create a Fun and Fabulous Summertime Flamingo Card

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Create a Fun and Fabulous Summertime Flamingo Card with VersaMagic inkpads

It is almost Summer! It is time to start looking ahead for calming moments in warm weather, summer colors and holiday memories. In today’s cardmaking project, evoke the spirit of summer with this flamingo theme “chill” card. Keeping the whiteness of the paper as the basic background color, I emphasize the pastel colors and give a bright outcome on the card. The VersaMagic inkpads allow the metallic wire and beads to show even more by giving a chalk effect on all surfaces.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour


VersaMagic DewDrop in Thatched Straw and Key Lime
Step 1

Emboss a 4 x 6-inch piece of white cardstock with the stripes embossing folder and lightly color with the VersaMagic DewDrop in Thatched Straw and Key Lime.

Step 2

Use a BrushStix to mix and color the flamingo plywood shape with the VersaMagic DewDrop in Red Magic and Thatched Straw.

Step 3

Continue by coloring the paper flowers with VersaMagic in Red Magic and Thatched Straw.

VersaMagic DewDrop Key Lime and the Fabrico Marker. Use a stylus to shape the leaves into a more realistic look.
Step 4

Die cut leaves from white and kraft cardstocks and decorate them with the VersaMagic DewDrop Key Lime and the Fabrico Marker. Use a stylus to shape the leaves into a more realistic look.

Color the "chill" wooden element with VersaMagic Red Magic.
Step 5

Color the “chill” wooden element with VersaMagic Red Magic.

Step 6

Make circles with the jewelry wire and glue them in the 4 x 6-inch card with a glue gun.

Step 7

Continue with the rest of the embellishments and using either the glue gun or Tear It Tape. Lightly ink the edge of the card panel with VersaMagic in Red Magic to match the flowers. Mount the 4 x 6-inch piece on the front of a 5 x 7 card base.


  • 5 x 7 white card
  • Cardstock – white, kraft
  • Plywood embellishments
  • Paper flowers
  • Jewelry beads
  • Jewelry wire
  • Glue gun
  • Embossing folder – stripes
  • Sizzix – Leaves, Garden dies
  • Embossing machine

Summer BBQ’s Galore!

2015_June_RZ_BBQ_main1BBQ Fit for A King! By Renee Zarate

Summer is here and with the sun shining and temperatures rising, that can only mean one thin g- BBQ TIME! So here are some of our latests projects perfect for your next outdoor get together.

2015_June_MC_BBQ_Finalwm1                            2015_June_RJ_SummerT_Main_WM

BBQ Settings by Maureen Cronin            Juicy Watermelon Tank  by Roni Johnson

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I’m Meeeelting

As summer continues it’s only going to get hotter. I’m freaking out. I am not well acclimated to heat, I have my thick curly hair to thank for that. Every summer I’m torn between how beautiful it is and my natural inclination to avoid sweating at pretty much any cost –  there’s only so much I can do to cool down before it gets awkward for all of us 😱

giphy             giphy-1

So how do I stay cool in an apartment without air conditioning? One word – P O P S I C L E S!
Frozen tasty treats are my life-force in the summer months, if I can freeze it I will likely try to make it in to a popsicle.

  • Veggies – check
  • Yogurt – check
  • Giant chunks of fruit – you bet
  • Anything in juice form – YAS!

That’s why when I discovered an awesome Mixed Berry Summersicle  recipe from Thug Kitchen, I did a happy dance. I’m a big fan of Thug Kitchen, they have blunt and hilarious approach to cooking that provides me with delicious results. Yes, their recipes are vegan and vegetarian friendly, but as I am the kind of girl who’s favorite food group includes steak tacos it’s really easy for me to adapt the recipes to my meat loving ways. Below are some picture’s of what your own mixed berry summersicles may look like. I would show you what mine looked like, but I’ve already eaten them all – sorry y’all.


pop-all        Fruit_popsicles        bourbon-peaches-and-cream-popsicles_bakers-royale

mixed-berry-popsicles-2 Raspberry-Peach-Poptails-8130-copy

Any sort of fruit can be used with this recipe, making it super versatile and über delicious. Heck, you can make them for adults-only! As you can see from the photos, a special popsicle tray isn’t necessary to make your frozen treats. I used a cupcake sheet and chopsticks I cut in half. *Now here’s a quick head’s up: Thug Kitchen is blunt, this means they’re a little colorful with their language. So if cursing + cooking isn’t your thing, it can be off putting. However, I loved this recipe so much the language wasn’t bothersome to me and provided a few laughs along the way.


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