How to Make a Spooky Card


By Alison Heikkila –

Halloween is a great time to experiment with deeper shades, interesting textures, and unique combinations. Things don’t need to be pretty or perfect…in fact, the weirder and more off-kilter they are, the better! Let’s use a variety of Imagine products to make a spooky card for Halloween.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Time: 30 Minutes, including drying time



Step 1:

Apply Silvery Shimmer Delicata Ink Refill to a 6×6 gel printing plate and roll out with a brayer.


Step 2:

Lay your stencil on to the gel plate. Using a piece of scrap paper, rub the negative space areas to pick up the ink. Pull the print. You won’t be using this print for this project, but you can save it for another time.

Step 3:

Lift the stencil off of the plate.

Step 4:

Lay a piece of 4″ x 5 1/4″ black cardstock on top of the plate, where the stenciled image is. rub the paper on to the plate firmly, making sure to rub all areas to ensure a clean pull.



Step 5:

Pull the print.


Step 6:

Splatter irRESISTibles Spray in Love Letter on to the gel print. I open the bottle and tap the straw to get nice, big splatters. Let dry.


Step 7:

On a piece of gray cardstock, stamp a solid or silhouette image with VersaMark ink. I used a crow.


Step 8:

Sprinkle Shimmering Night Sky Mboss powder on to the inked image, tap off the excess, and heat set. Then, you can fussy cut the image out.


Step 9:

Die cut your sentiment out of a deep orange cardstock.

Step 10:

Using Tuxedo Black Memento Ink, press the front side of the letters into the pad gently. Memento ink pads have a wonderful texture, which will work perfectly with our creepy card.

Step 11:

On a black A2-sized card base, ink the edges with Black Shimmer Delicata Ink.

Step 12:

Adhere all of your elements on to the card base.



Art Supplies:


• Delicata Ink in Black Shimmer
• Delicata Reinker in Silvery Shimmer
• irRESISTible Spray in Love Letter
• VersaMark Ink
• Mboss in Shimmering Night Sky
• Memento Ink in Tuxedo Black


Black, Orange and Gray cardstock
Tim Holtz: Crossbones Stencil, Crow Stamp
6×6 Gel Printing Plate
Alphabet Dies

Learn How to Make An Autumn Shadow Box



By Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

– Combine natural wood pieces, paper and a house shape cut from SHEET metal to capture the colors of the shadow and create a shadow box to decorate your home. Color a piece of fabric with MEMENTO inks and Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Sprays to create a background in earth color shades and place natural wood and paper leaves colored with MEMENTO Markers.


Skill: Advanced

Time: 1 Hour




Step 1

Place Tear It! Tape on the back base of the shadow box and cover it with the cotton fabric.



Step 2

Spray with the Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Spray and let them dry.



Step 3

Distress the fabric with MEMENTO Tangelo, Lady Bug and Desert Sand ink pads using Sponge Daubers. Sprinkle some drops of irRESISTible Bamboo Leaves color.



Step 4

Stamp with the Blowing Leaves stamp and the StazOn Timber Brown.


Step 5

Color the leaves with MEMENTO Markers.


Step 6

Stamp leaves and color them with the MEMENTO Markers adding details with darker ones. Cut around the leaves to separate.



Step 7

Stamp the Autumn sentiment with StazOn Timber Brown and cut around.



Step 8

Cut a house shape using the full length of a SHEET metal postcard.



Step 9

Color the SHEET metal house with StazOn Timber brown and Black Cherry ink pads and cover with the GlazOn matte.


Step 10

Glue the slices of the wood on the fabric background and add the paper leaves.


Step 11

Finally place the SHEET metal house, the sentiment and any further embellishments.


Art Supplies:


Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Sprays- Desert Sand, Rich Cocoa, New Sprout

MEMENTO Ink Pads – Tangelo, Lady bug, Desert Sand, Dandelion

irRESISTible – Bamboo Leaves

StazOn – Timber Brown, Black Cherry

MEMENTO Dual Tip Markers – Love Letter, Dandelion, Cottage Ivy, Pear Tart

SHEET Metal – Postcard

GlazOn – Matte

Tear It! Tape

Sponge Daubers



Shadow Box Framed

Card Stock White

Cotton Fabric

Slices of Wood

Crackerbox & Suzy stamps – Autumn Shows, Blowing Leaves

Glass Beads



Create a “Hello Friend” Card with Pico Embellisher

by Iris Rodriguez

Create a "Hello Friend" Card with Pico Embellisher

I love stamps as much as the next crafty person. Sometimes, I like to hand draw my own images though. Did you know you can draw your images with Imagine’s irRESISTible Pico Embellisher? IrRESISTible is a texture medium; which adds dimension to your project. It comes with a fine-tipped applicator for writing or making doodles. For the background, I used various All-Purpose Inks to create a watercolor painted look and then drew on top with the Pico Embellisher.

Skill: Beginner/Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes


Step 1

Determine how many colors of All-Purpose Ink. Prepare a water container for each color, so that you do not contaminate the colors; also, avoids running the risk of your ink turning into a mud color. Use a different for each color, or wash the brush between each color if using the same brush.

Step 2

First, wet the area with plain water. Place a small amount of ink into one of the ink wells. Add water to the ink and brush onto the paper.

Step 3

Repeat the same process for each color. Do not blend the colors; just lay them next to each other. Dry the paper.

Step 4

Brush on Creative Medium in order to seal in the All-Purpose Ink. Draw your image using Zeal Teal irRESISTible Pico Embellisher. If you are not used to this medium, first practice drawing on a piece of scratch paper. Always squeeze out the Pico Embellisher onto scratch paper to eliminate the bubbles, before applying to your project. Finally, stamp on sentiment and assemble the card.


  • Watercolor paper
  • Ink well palette dish
  • Paintbrush
  • Cardbase – black

Learn a Simple Smoosh Technique Using Memento Inkpad

by Melissa Andrew

Learn a Simple Smoosh Technique Using Memento Inkpad

Today, I show you a simple technique using your Memento DewDrops. You don’t need stamps when you have fabulous inks! I choose colors of Memento that work well together for an interesting background.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes



  • Catherine Pooler Stamp – Feathered Friends
  • Catherine Pooler Chevron Divide Coverplate
  • White Cardstock
  • Bristol Smooth Paper
  • Copic Alcohol Markers

Use a Mirror Technique to Create a Cute Mermaid Card

by Roni Johnson

Use a Mirror Technique to Create a Cute Mermaid Card

Imagine’s Craft Mat is a handy tool to have in your crafting arsenal. Not only is it great for keeping your work surface clean but there are many techniques you can use it for as well. Take the above card for example. Can you tell which mermaid is stamped and which one is a mirror image? Bet you can’t tell, can you? Find out the answer below….

Skill: Beginner
Time: 45 minutes + dry time


Step 1

Stamp the desired image on to the Craft Mat using VersaFine Clair ink. VersaFine Clair is an excellent choice for mirror images as there is a nice open time and it creates such a crisp clean image when stamped.

Step 2

Place a piece of cardstock over the image stamped on the Craft Mat and burnish with your finger.

Step 3

Carefully lift the paper. Wipe the excess ink from the Craft Mat with a damp cloth. It’s as simple as that. You may finish the card as desired. Did you know that the Craft Mat is also a great palette for water coloring? Simply scribble Memento Dual-Tip markers onto the craft mat. You may then blend and pick up the inks with a water brush.

Step 4

To finish off the example I stamped a second mermaid directly to paper and added a sentiment.

Step 5

I then watercolored the image as desired using Memento Dual-Tip Markers and a water brush.

Step 6

I added a bit of Shimmer Pico Embellisher to various areas to add a bit of shine and sparkle. The green-tailed mermaid was the mirror image.


  • White Cardstock
  • Hero Arts – Mermaid Kisses
  • Waterbrush

Create Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Gifts

by Roni Johnson

Create Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Gifts

It’s never too early to start preparing for the holidays to help avoid the rush. Today I have a fun and easy upcycled project for the little ones in your life – a Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar. Now I just have to save up 20 more toilet paper rolls!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Buy or collect 25 paper rolls for the 25 days of the advent calendar.

Step 2

Bend the ends of each roll towards the center to make a “pillow box”.

Step 3

Spritz the rolls with Lady Bug, Bamboo Leaves and Wedding Dress irRESISTible Texture Spray. Let dry before moving on to another color.

Step 4

Dye rayon seam binding with All-Purpose Ink in Spring Green and Red Delicious.

Step 5

Stamp white cardstock with a variety of Christmas-theme images using VersaMagic inks. Die-cut circles from the stamped cardstock. Stamp a large number stamp in the center of each circle using VersaFine Clair ink.

Step 6

Sprinkle the circles with clear embossing powder, shake off excess and set with a heat tool. Die-cut scallop circles from Rinea Foiled Papers.

Step 7

Fill and assemble each pillow box with a treat; affix the ribbon around the box using Tear It! Tape and top it off with the number.


  • Paper Rolls
  • Rinea Foiled Paper – Ruby/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper; Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper
  • Rayon Seam Binding
  • Rubber Stamp Tapestry Peg Stamps – Gingerbread Man, Gift, Candy Cane, Stocking, Holly Club Scrap – Number Stamps
  • Cardstock